16 Tips On Giving Your Newborn Baby A Bath

First-time parents would be probably wondering if the tiny baby needs a bath every day or every other day. You might even feel apprehensive about bathing the baby. It is quite a scary and slippery affair but fear not. Get to know about bathing a newborn and when should you start. Learn and master the art with these handy tips and don’t be a bundle of nerves.

The bath right after birth is your baby’s first experience or soak in the tub. Remember that the newborn doesn’t need a bath every day or night. Consider giving a bath just a couple of times in a week to start with.

  • Everyday bath could easily dry the skin which is extremely delicate and soft.
  • When you give a bath at night in a warm water, it will help the baby feel drowsy and ready to settle down to sleep.
  • Do not use soaps or harsh chemicals.
  • Plain lukewarm water to clean the baby is a wise option.
  • Use a soft sponge to clean if your baby still has the umbilical cord stump attached.
  • Your baby won’t get very dirty,
    with the exception of diaper area and under the chin if there were any spit-up trickle, so pay attention to those parts.
  • Don’t choose a time right after your baby finishes the feed. You have to pick a sweet spot time of day/night when your baby is calm and not hungry.
  • When you select the baby’s bath products, make sure you buy tear-free shampoos and baby wash that are as gentle as possible. Lavender baby wash will soothe the baby.
  • Gather the supplies before you give your baby a bath. Collect everything you would need and place it closer to the baby bath. Keep the bottles open and ready to use, you don’t want to rip the safety seal while you are holding your baby in another arm, do you?
  • Shampoo the little one’s hair at the end. Keeping the babysitting in the sudsy water with wet hair could make them feel cold.
  • If you are unsure of how your baby will react to the bath, have someone to help out with the wet and wailing baby.
  • Use a bath pad or pillow to keep your
    slippery baby in one spot. Use a towel to line the sink or tub to avoid slipping.
  • Paying attention to the temperature of the water before bath will avoid scalding the baby with the hot water. Babies skin is more sensitive than adults. Always test the water before you give your baby a bath, with your elbow or the inside of your wrist.
  • Before you put the baby in the bath, consider cranking up the thermostat. Your little one will stay cozy both inside and out of the water.
  • Unless you have a baby who loves having a bath, it is otherwise a shockingly new experience for them every time. So keep the bath short and get her dressed quickly. Don’t feel annoyed or surprised if a big diaper blowout happens right after you powder and dress her ready.
  • Your baby might most often protest eye cleaning which may end up with protesting the entire bath. Using cotton balls and warm tap water does help.

Things You’ll Need Before Bath time

  • Bath thermometer
  • Non-slip mat/pad.
  • Dry and clean baby towel
  • Gentle baby wash
  • Cotton wool
  • Diaper, diaper cream and, clothes

There is

particularly no right or wrong way to bathe a baby; you have to just pick one that works for you with minimum hassles. Enjoy the bath time with your newborn and bathing is just another ritual to bond with your baby.