5 Tips For You To Be A Great Wife, While Being A Great Mother

Your little one has made your life special. As you enjoy every moment of motherhood, you may tend to spend more time with your bundle of joy, forgetting your better half. Being a great mom at the cost of being a not-so-good wife is definitely a bad idea.

Agreed that you are busy taking care of your baby and doing the household chores. You expect your partner to understand that. Yes, he understands. That does not mean that you can just leave him alone and carry on with your work.


Being a super mom does not give you the power to ignore your relationship. Instead, it gives you the potential to groom your partner to become a super dad, by showering him with the love of a great wife.

Find ‘Me’ Time

Be great to yourself!


Nurturing yourself is the key to building a relationship. Lacking a happy mind and healthy body may stop you from being nice to others, especially to your partner. Carve out time for regular physical activity. Do yoga or meditation. Try to be happier and healthier.

Resume your favorite hobbies. Do not think that you may not be able to spare time for that. You will realize that finding time to nurture yourself will refresh you and provides you renewed energy for baby care.


Talk, Talk, Talk

Yes, talk. But try not to be a nagging wife!

Emotional communication is vital in deepening your relationship. As you are busy with a lot of work, you may tend to keep many things under the carpet without talking about it. But the best way is to talk about everything – about your day, your worries, your concerns, and your happiness. Sometimes, he may not know that you are struggling too.


Do not forget to find a healthy balance between talking and listening. Show interest in what he has to say. Ask about his day. Listen to his problems at work and his career plans, the same way you used to do it before. Plan in-home date night. He should feel that you are there for him, like good old days.

Help Him Parent

Parenting may not come naturally to your partner. Moreover, he may not have prepared like you. Forgive him! There is no time for blame game now.


Help him with baby care. Teach him how to change nappies or bath the baby. Once he becomes an expert, share parenting responsibilities. Looks like he is not interested? Appreciate and praise even his small efforts at baby care. Make him feel that your baby needs him and loves to have more daddy-time. With a boost of motivation, he may be able to take it forward.

Get A Regular Babysitter

Planning for a date night? Need to spend some time alone? Well, believe us, a babysitter you can trust will be your savior during this period.


Without someone looking after your baby, you cannot find time for yourself. To enjoy carefree moments with your partner, you need to make sure that your baby’s needs are taken care of. Otherwise, a mom’s mind keeps worrying about their little love.

Don’t Forget Sex

Can’t you remember the last time you kissed your partner? Then, you need to embrace the most important tip – rekindle your sex life. Sneak in some romance, ladies.


Sex might be the last thing you want as your mind is filled with baby thoughts. If you are not yet ready for it, talk to your partner about it. Have a chat about your concerns. Take things slow and tackle your worries.

Maintaining a balance is not an easy job, but it is not impossible. Tell your partner that you love him. Let your partner know just how important he is. Too much to handle? But, you will not regret it. Have patience. We don’t want you to think that you failed the people you love most.