8 Simple Tips To Tackle Summer Depression

Summer is the season of hopes, of happy times, warm days, beaches, holidays, ice creams, and positive thoughts. So what do we mean by summer depression? Those two words don’t seem to go along so well, do they?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is when there’s a noticeable increase in the onset of depression, usually due to the cold weather. But in some unlucky cases, SAD can also occur in summer.


What Causes Summer Depression?

Summer depression, which occurs rarely, gets triggered only during summer due to biological or external factors.

Summertime SAD is more common in countries closer to the equator due to extreme weather conditions. But that doesn’t mean the rest are spared completely. Nearly 4–6 percent of the people in the US suffer from SAD. Among these, about 10 percent get it in reverse.


This can be due to:

  • Biological constitution that causes SAD
  • No control over your daily schedule due to holidays in summer
  • Lack of confidence on your body image
  • Financial crises due to holiday demands
  • Just the heat

How To Treat Summer Depression?

The first step toward treating a depression before it gets severe is to get professional help. Just talking to a third person will help you get a better perspective on your life. So even if you know you’ll feel better by the time summer ends, don’t wait it out. Instead, talk it out.


Along with this, you can try a few simple tips to make things better.

1. Predict Eventualities And Plan Ahead

Planning ahead for summer can help you get through it in a better shape.


If you’re feeling just fine before summer, think ahead. Plan out a schedule so that your kids have their own fun and you have your time to yourself. Plan your leaves and save up for the holidays. Just prepare yourself for any eventuality and be in control.

2. Follow A Set Schedule

Following a schedule even for mundane activities can reduce summer depression.


Planning ahead is not enough if you do not follow the schedule once the depression sets in. You might have nothing to do at home and the whole day ahead. Set a simple routine anyway for any minimal thing you plan to do. Marking off the days on a calendar might also help.

3. Do Not Mess Up Your Sleep Schedule

Getting regular and enough sleep goes a long way toward reducing depression.


Summer is when all the fun happens, the kids come up, and you have free time to do what you want. You basically have more than enough reasons to sleep later than usual. So balance it out. Ensure you get enough good sleep every day. Have all the fun you want without punishing your body.

4. Keep Company

Meet friends or family regularly to keep yourself distracted from sad thoughts.


Staying alone will make things worse. We know that in the depression and the heat, you just want to stay in and do nothing. You have to avoid just that, though. Distract yourself as much as possible, make plans with others. No need to go partying; just catch up with a few friends every now and then.

5. Drink A Lot Of Water

Drink water regularly and avoid dehydration to prevent summer depression.

Dehydration causes a lot of health issues, not just the physical but psychological as well. The lack of water in your body will affect your serotonin levels, which will just worsen your mood. So drink water constantly and stay healthy.

6. Exercise

Exercising regularly is a known cure for all types of depression.

No, not for the perfect body. We ask you to exercise to keep your mind and body healthy. A good workout every day is a known cure for any kind of depression. If it’s too hot for high-intensity workouts, go swimming or find a good air-conditioned gym to workout just the summer.

7. Don’t Push Yourself Overboard

Don't force yourself to do things that will worsen you physical or psychological health.

A fit body can definitely make you feel more confident, but that’s no reason to get into a frenzy. Eat healthily. Basically, take it easy. Don’t force yourself to host parties because all your friends did. Don’t brood on how everybody else seems to be doing just fine when you’re not. Find stuff to do that keeps you happy, not what’s trending.

8. Find Out Why

Figuring out what triggers your summer depression can help you treat it easily.

There usually is some factor that triggers your depression. You might be freaking out about facing all the “happy” people, remembering a better summer with a loved one or a death or a breakup. You might be involuntarily associating these incidents with every single summer. Figure out just what makes you sad and come up with a contingency to tackle it.