9 Tips To Skyrocket Your Sexual Performance

Performance issues in bed are becoming increasingly common. And the possibility that it could happen to you too is just scary! There are many factors that affect your stamina and erections, but how many ways are there, really, to help you improve? Quite a few, actually.

Issues like erectile dysfunction pop up not just because of a major disease like diabetes. Seemingly minor, everyday habits of yours can also have a huge impact on your ability to perform well in bed. So, let’s take a look at some of the simplest of ways to keep you going strong with your partner every single day.


1. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes erectile dysfunction and can reduce erection size

Smokers, in general, have a far less satisfying sex life than nonsmokers. Smoking affects your overall health, making you dependent on nicotine and tobacco. So you’re less energetic than you should be at any given age. Smoke addiction is also a probable cause of impotence. It is believed to significantly affect erection size as it affects the blood vessels and penile tissues. So, apart from momentary satisfaction, there’s no sensible reason for you to continue smoking and many reasons to quit.1


2. Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety and stress can lead to poor sexual performance

When you’re stressed, you’re either distracted or just anxious about your performance. Sex should be a passionate source of relief for you and not lead to more tension. So, reduce any stressors you have in life. Talk to your partner, know their expectations, and let them know yours. Understanding each other might take you a long way toward having a better sex life.2


3. Be Loyal

The guilt of cheating on a loved one can affect your sexual performance

We’re not going to judge your lifestyle or your choices. But if you have a steady partner and some more action by the side, the guilt will show up at one point or the other. Unless it’s a mutually accepted open relationship, the feeling of betraying a loved one can actually result in erectile dysfunction, and that too right when you want to get intimate. This is all the more reason to go for a happy, loyal, and satisfied relationship.


4. Go Under The Blade

Getting a vasectomy can reduce the stress and help you perform better

Another reason you might be beating yourself up and be anxious about sex would be a possible risk of contraceptive failure. This anxiety directly affects your performance and might leave you hanging limp. If you’re sure of your choices for the future, get a vasectomy and remove at least one worry from your life, once and for all.


5. Be Fit And Active

Being active and fit improves your sexual health

Being active and fit reduces the chances of erection by half. Weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle are direct causes of vascular diseases and diabetes, both of which can make you celibate whether you want to or not.3


Keep aside some time just for yourself – exercise, take a walk when you can, eat healthily. A tiny bit of effort from your side won’t just keep you healthy but also fit for a good time every single day.

6. Keep Yawning

The substance that stimulates a yawn also makes you feel aroused


To all the women out there: if your man is yawning at just the wrong moment, it isn’t a sign of boredom! When your body shifts from a sleepy to a fully awake mode or vice versa, you might yawn. So yawning can be a sign of excitement as well.

There are chances of you yawning just before some adrenaline-pumping action – before a fight, before a skydive, or anything exhilarating, and yes, when you’re horny too! The substance that activates a yawn also stimulates an arousal. So keep yawning to have steady erections always.4

7. Get Good Rest

Getting good sleep is important for a healthy sexual life

It does seem like the solution to any health issue is getting good sleep! That’s because you tend to overwork your body. As with the rest of the body, your penis needs some rest too. Yes, the post-coital moments increase the intimacy and can improve your relationship in many ways, but can be tiring for your genitals.

Also, many studies have observed erectile dysfunction as a direct effect of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.5 So, yes, get as much sleep as your body needs.

8. Drink Caffeine

Drinking a cup of coffee every day can improve erections

Coffee won’t just wake you up in the morning but also get you going in other ways. Caffeine might effectively improve your erections, especially if you’re diabetic.6 Just a cup of coffee will get your blood pumping, make you more energetic, and help you last longer in bed.

9. Check Your Meds

Certain medications can have side effects on your erections

Be mindful of the pills you pop. Many medicines you take for other diseases can be directly affecting your performance in bed. The most common culprits are cholesterol-regulating tabs, which might create a favorable atmosphere for erectile dysfunction. So, check with your doctor before taking any meds.