9 Tips For Every Newbie Runner Who Wants To Stay The Course

As someone who’s just started running, you know it’s not an easy thing to do. Running demands a lot of energy and strength from you which makes it difficult to get yourself off the couch and on to the road. But there are small changes you can make to help yourself stay motivated along the way. Here are 9 tips to make sure you stay on track.

1. Keep Yourself Accountable

Everyone likes to set goals the but the difficult part is working towards achieving them. As someone who has just started running, you too may have goals like taking part in a marathon or simply losing a few pounds. Whatever your goals are, tell people about it, either by confiding in another person or announcing it on social media. That way you will stay more committed because you’re now answerable.

2. Get Some Good Gear

In theory, all you need to start running is a decent pair of shoes. However, you may also want to take a look at some clothing options to make your run more comfortable. Go for light, breathable fabrics that can wick away moisture. You also choose antimicrobial clothing if you’re worried about skin infections or rashes. New clothing will also motivate you to go out a run more.

3. Start A Training Log

The best to grow in by tracking your progress. It could just be a small notebook and pen or a cool new tracking device. Keeping track of your training lets you know where you stand and helps you do better every time you go for a run.

4. Get Outside

While there is nothing wrong with running on a treadmill, running outdoors can be more motivating and refreshing. Seek new routes and vary your terrain to make your run more interesting and challenging. But do keep an eye on the weather and make sure you have the right gear on, especially during winters.

5. Find A Friend

If you’re not in the habit of running or being physically active, running an seem tedious and exhausting. Your mind is going to make all kinds of excuses to not do it. By getting a friend or two to join you, you can motivate each other and also be accountable. You might even look forward to your daily run with your running partner.

6. Do More Than Just Run

While running in great in itself, doing certain exercises alongside can help you become a better runner. Do core strength work regularly and mix some cross-training into your workout routine by taking a spin class, going to boot camp or swimming. This will make injury less likely and build your overall strength.

7. Vary The Pace And Location

It’s always more comfortable to run on a familiar track but your body will quickly get used to the pace and terrain. To keep things interesting and challenging, mix up your runs between roads, trails, and the track. It’s a good way to test yourself and improve your form.

8. Reward Yourself

Rewards are good if they’re used to motivate you in the right direction. You don’t have to wait to cross the finish line of a marathon to reward yourself. Every time you reach a milestone, whether it’s in terms of distance, calories, or days, treat yourself to something you love.

9. It’s A Process

The early stages of a running program can be tough and this is where most people give up. There are going to be highs and lows. Your body is not going to have the same amount of energy every day and you might be emotionally drained on a certain day. Just stick to your schedule even if you can’t meet your target for the day. As you go forward, your targets may go higher but you’ll never give up without giving it your best.