6 Tips For Keeping Your Confidence High During Breastfeeding

Nursing is natural. But, every mom may not feel that way. Moms and their babies will have a tough time till they find it comfortable. Sometimes you may end up thinking that you are doing everything wrong. Eventually, you may lose your confidence. If you are not confident enough you may tend to give up breastfeeding. Never do that. Here are some tips for new moms to keep their confidence high during breastfeeding days.

Be Informed

Knowing what to expect during the initial days of breastfeeding will help you prepare better. If you realize that breastfeeding does not come easily, you will have the urge to keep trying. Understand that you are not alone in this struggle. For most moms, breastfeeding is a challenging task. Talk to a lactation consultant or a nursing expert before you have the baby. Or talk to your friend who is nursing. They will help you know the discomforts associated with breastfeeding and tips to overcome it.


Talk About Your Discomforts

Even though moms usually feel pain during breastfeeding, you don’t need to keep quiet about it. If you feel the latch is not good, talk to your doctor and get help. It is natural for you to think that pain may get over in a few days time. However, persistent pain may drain your confidence shortly. You need to save yourself from weeks of suffering. So, it is important to talk to your doctor to confirm that there is nothing wrong with your breastfeeding techniques. This will make you more confident.

Feed Often

Nurse your baby within the first hour after delivery. And later feed the baby often. You may feel that you don’t have enough milk supply. But the more you feed the baby, the better will be the milk production. Moreover, with every feeding, you will become more confident. If it is not necessary, do not give your little one any formula. Formula feedings may make him/her reluctant to breastfeed and it will, in turn, affect your milk production.


Be Flexible

Before childbirth or immediately after childbirth, you might have come up with your breastfeeding plans – feeding every two hours in the initials days and every three hours in the following week. Well, always remember that even though these are general rules, it may not work that way every time. Be ready to be flexible with your plans. Every kid is unique. While some babies may ask for breastmilk very often, some others may sleep most times. Change your plans depending on your kid’s demands.

Seek Help

This is not the time to be a supermom. You need help in the first few weeks so that you will have a stress-free period after delivery. Do not hesitate to get help from your family and friends. Someone should be there for you to share your worries. Moreover, someone to take care of your baby so that you can get some rest. Too much of strain will definitely affect your milk flow. So, do not forget to surround yourself with support.


Ignore Negative Comments

Ignore and avoid them. You are bound to meet such people after childbirth. There will be people who find faults with you for everything. They may criticize your breastfeeding position. They may comment that the baby is not getting enough milk. Being vulnerable and emotional after childbirth, these negative comments may demotivate you. Well, just banish these naysayers.

Moms, be proud of what you are doing. Nurturing a baby is not an easy task and not everyone can do that. Give yourself some credit for that and believe in the amazing capability of your body. And keep your breastfeeding confidence high always.