5 Tips For Good Health And Happiness

So many of us are running at laser speed and missing out on life’s joy and experiences. When we are so focused on the next goal or step we miss being in the moment, being present for all of your blessings. As a Holistic Health Coach and essential oil advocate and educator, I’ve made it my life’s work helping others find joy, create optimal health and get engaged in their lives again. I’ve narrowed down the list into what I consider some of the top five tips to create better health and happiness.

Top 5 Tips For Better Health And Happiness

1. Practice Mindfulness

What Does It Mean To Be Mindful? There are so many distractions in this world, especially with technology and non stop notifications. This causes us to be scattered and not really “present” in our lives. This also leads to unhappiness and lack of peace. It is very important to take time out of your everyday to simply quiet the chatter, quiet the noise and connect with something bigger. How do you do this? Go for a walk without your phone. Meditate early morning or right before bed. Start a gratitude journal. Focus for 15 minutes on whatever activity you are doing. If you are washing dishes, really focus on that. How the warm water feels. The sound of the faucet. The more you practice mindfulness, the more you will be equipped to weather the storms and distractions.


2. Eat Clean

Truly the food you put in your body creates how you feel on every level. You eat crappy you will feel like crap. You eat clean and healthy you will feel clean and healthy. There are so many more toxins in the world, especially in our food sources, that you need to take ownership of what you buy and what you eat. Even if you are buying organic, wash it thoroughly. If you are going out to eat, there are always healthy alternatives. Drink a LOT of water everyday to rid your body of excess toxins. If you weigh 140 pounds you should drink half of that, or 70 ounces of water everyday. Start a food journal if that helps track everything. If you are tired of feeling tired take a look at what you are feeding your body.

3. Foster Healthy Relationships

Yes, surrounding yourself by healthy relationships is one of the first things you need to do in order to clean up your health. The people you surround yourself with are a direct reflection of you. If you are surrounded by healthy, happy, optimistic people you will feel much better and uplifted. If you are surrounded by negative, controlling and unhealthy people you will also feel that way. It is ok to set boundaries and lift your expectations of those you keep close. Be confident that you deserve healthy and loving people in your life and anyone who is less than that can be an acquaintance.


4. Incorporate Essential Oils

Yes this is one of my FAVORITE and top tips in creating optimal health; both emotionally and physically. Essential oils have been around since biblical times and were extremely healing and potent for all sorts of health ailments. Then of course we got off track and began medicating and prescribing synthetic solutions. With this comes side effects and more problems.The most pure and therapeutic grade oils can actually create healing at a cellular level. You can stay healthy and fight off illness.

5. Find Work Which You Love

You are truly blessed if you can find work that you love that inspires you and others and that lights you up. We spend the majority of our life at work and life is far too short to be unhappy and unfulfilled. Are you excited everyday when you wake up? If not take some time to review what you love and what opportunities are out there to explore. Talk to professionals and see what a day in their life looks like.