7 Tips For Dads During Labor And Delivery

Your partner has cruised through the pregnancy journey very well, and it’s your turn to play the crucial role during labor and delivery. How well are you prepared to handle the situation when it is going to be physically exhausting for your partner and emotionally tiring for yourself? Here’s how you sail through with confidence and feel a little more secure in your scrubs.

7 Tips For Dads

1. Expect The Unexpected

If you and your partner have made plans and are ready to face the D-day, be ready to expect and accept any change. Not even a trained and experienced obstetrician can predict how a labor and delivery would progress, anything might change. Always keep an open mind and adjust. Your partner would have opted for a delivery without medication, but the excruciating labor pain could change her mind which can end up in epidural.


2. Be Her Advocate

While your partner is going through gut-wrenching contractions, it is not possible for her to speak up for herself. You have to be in her shoes and be assertive. Don’t wait for your partner to go through a lot of pain to know what exactly she would need. Discuss it well in advance. Know her feeling about episiotomy and her expectations. You should be the person who can articulate better when she is in pain.

Every pregnant woman wants a smooth labor and delivery, no-one prefers C-section. But nothing is sure, things can go unplanned. You need to take charge and ask questions about the options when in a critical medical emergency like C-section. Just know that you have all the right to ask for a brief explanation when an intervention is being made.


3. Know The Facts

In the delivery room, your partner does all the hard work of pushing, but you as a Dad play a major role during the birthing process. The overwhelming and scary situation can be managed better if you know your facts well. Being supportive and encouraging is very much needed when your partner is in labor for more than six hours. Walk with her, give her a massage, hold her hand and make her sail through the process comfortably.

4. Smile – That’s Important

Labor can make even the sweetest person irritable. Try to ignore her anger and negative comments that she may hurl it on you. Women in labor can be more sharp-tongued than usual, remember to keep calm and smile. After all, your dear partner doesn’t mean what she says in that intense pain.


5. Shoot The Moment

Shooting the moments is a blessing and you can cherish it for the rest of your life. When your partner gets to see the pics later, she would definitely appreciate your efforts. She might have even forgotten or have been emotional to remember those moments. Discuss capturing of moments during labor with her well ahead of time, not everyone would like a camera directed straight into the nether regions. Also, make sure it will not disrupt or disturb the doctors in the delivery room. Just only one word of caution – don’t get too caught up in filming and miss to witness the incredible moment directly.

6. Appreciate And Support

After all the hard work, when it’s over and you are holding the little bundle of joy, remember to appreciate and recognize her efforts. Act like a hero and be aware of your partner’s accomplishments during labor and delivery, not to mention those nine months.


7. Job’s Not Over Yet

Do you think it’s your time to rest right after the moment? – Don’t go there yet. It is this time that you show her how much you love. Splurge her with gifts, bring flowers, or write a loving note to your partner as a meaningful gift after delivery. Whatever you would want to do, just make sure to find a special way to mark the occasion. Don’t get emotional when she gets touched and can’t stop crying.