5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Athletic Shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes for your athletic activities is not an easy task. In a world where new fitness trends come out all the time, it is difficult to find the right pair of shoes to fit your needs. Since running and walking are the most common forms of exercise, you need proper shoes for these activities. When you walk or run, a lot of pressure is exerted on your feet and ankles due to which you need to support them well. Wearing the wrong type of shoes may lead to an injury or other problems, such as heel pain and shin splints. The right type of shoes not only protect your feet but also boost your performance, making your exercise more effective. Since there are so many options available in the market, it helps to have an idea about athletic shoes so that you can make the right decision.

1. Know Your Feet



Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important for you to know the shape and size of yours. Depending on the shape or your feet and the curve of your sole, you may need extra cushioning, extra grip, or extra ankle support. Some shoes are specially designed for people with problems such as arthritis. It’s best to try on a pair of shoes and to walk around in them at the store to get a feel of them before investing your money in them.

2. Decide What You Want The Shoes For


Never use the same pair of shoes for different activities. Decide whether you want shoes for running, walking, or for some form of sports and buy them accordingly. Walking shoes are stiff while running shoes offer more cushioning and flexibility. Some running shoes even have fancy soles, which absorb shock better and keep your feet safe.

3. Pick The Right Size


The most important thing to consider when buying a pair of athletic shoes is its size. It should never be too small or too big. Since feet expand when you walk or exercise, try shoes at the end of the day. Wear your own socks when you do so and wiggle your toes around. There should be a gap almost the width of your thumb between your toes and the front of the shoes. Your feet should feel snug in the shoes with no tight spots or loose ones.

4. Don’t Wait To Break In Your Shoes


When you like a pair of shoes, you may compromise on the comfort thinking that you will break into them sooner or later. That should not be your mentality when you buy athletic shoes. You should feel comfortable as soon as you put your feet in them. When you test them by walking around in them, you will know whether you will be able to go for amazing, long jogs, or you will end up with blisters after a mile. Always choose the most comfortable pair.

5. Don’t Go For Looks


Certain brands and styles of shoes may be extremely popular, but if they don’t fit right, then they are not the ones for you. When you buy athletic shoes, it’s always about their feel and fit and not about how they look. Never bother about making a fashion statement at the gym or at the park. You should feel good in your shoes no matter how they look.

Once you buy a pair of shoes, you should also know when to replace them with a new one. Once a pair gets worn and torn, it’s time to throw them out, no matter how much you have paid for them. And even if you want to get the same pair, get your feet measured. The size of your feet can change even when you are an adult.