5 Ways To Make Your Brunch Delicious And Healthy

tips for a healthy and nutritious brunch

Despite the countless number of times we are told not to skip breakfast, we almost always end up doing that. Having a hearty brunch around 11 am to 1 pm has become a habit we developed to cope with our daily routine of breakfast skipping. We often end up sleeping in due to late nights and wake up well past our breakfast time. When we wake up after a long sleep, we start feeling hunger pangs. Often we eat whatever that catches our eye in the fridge or the pantry which might lead to excess sugar or fat intake. However, our brunch can be made the healthiest meal in a day, all we have to do is keep the following 5 tips in mind.

1. Kickstart The Body With A Glass Of Lemon Water

lemon water is good for detoxification


After a long sleep, your digestive system and metabolic processes need a refreshing start so that you feel good all day long. That’s when you need to flush out all the pent up toxins from the previous night with a warm glass of water with lemon in it. It also provides your body with the necessary vitamin C boost as well as aids your body’s fat loss mechanism. Don’t forget to do this before you munch on your brunch, as this will leave your body detoxified and your digestive processes, all revved up.1

2. Add Whole Grains For A Wholesome Brunch

whole grains have many health benefits


Whether you are having a homemade brunch or you are heading out with friends for one, if you want to eat healthy the onus is on you. Before you start gorging on the brunch, plan ahead what you would like to eat. If pancakes or waffles are on your mind, make sure to opt for whole grain flour instead of the refined ones. Even if you are planning to have just a bowl of cereals, go for gluten-free options like millets, amaranth, steel-cut oats, buckwheat or quinoa. This will give your body the necessary dietary fiber along with essential vitamins and minerals.2

3. Fruits And Veggies Are A Must-Have

fruits and vegetables are very healthy


It’s impossible to imagine a healthy brunch without some fresh fruits and vegetables. Salads aren’t the only way to include them in your diet, you can bake, steam or roast them to prepare scrumptious dishes that are healthy too. Make sure to have an even amount of colorful fruits and leafy greens to supplement your body with essential vitamins and minerals. It’s best to have whole fruits, rather than canned or juiced versions to limit the unnecessary intake of added sugar and additives. Smoothies are a good way to have fruits and vegetables but remember to add honey instead of refined sugar.3

4. Pair Your Carbs With Proteins

proteins make a brunch more nutritious


Carbohydrates should be a part of your brunch but they should be accompanied by proteins in one form or the other. Dairy, nuts like sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, pistachio and lean proteins like chicken, eggs and fish are excellent options that you should include to raise the protein content of your brunch.  These will also leave you feeling full for longer periods.4

5. Be Mindful Of Your Mouthfuls

avoid refined and fried foods in your brunch


Brunches have become full-fledged parties in recent times complete with alcoholic and carbonated beverages along with fried foods and confectionaries. Regardless of the options available, eating right for good health is a conscious decision that takes determination. Refrain from having foods that you know are clearly junk and unhealthy. Alcoholic beverages for a fact, not only pile up your calorie intake but also leave you buzzed thereby making you want to eat more and carelessly.

The best way to have a healthy brunch is to get your hands dirty and cook a nourishing one for yourself. This way, you can watch what you are eating and choose mindfully between what’s beneficial for your body and what’s not. Bon Appetit!