9 Tiny Ways To Show Your Pregnant Partner Appreciation And Love

Pregnancy is everything about women. A woman carries the baby in her tummy for nine months and experiences all the discomforts associated with it. A man does not have a role to play during those nine months. Wait, is it true? Do you think that you don’t have anything to do when your partner carries your little love for nine months?

Well, dads, you have lots to do to support her and keep her spirits high during this period. You might be thinking about responding to her weird cravings on time. Yes, that’s always part of pregnancy care. But, there are a few other tiny ways to show the pregnant partner your love. Here you go.


Talk To Her

It may look like a simple task. But, it may not be, especially when your partner is driven by mood swings, thanks to her hormonal changes. Even when she is in good moods, she may only share an endless list of pains and aches of pregnancy. Well, listen to her. Understand her. Ask her every day, ‘how do you feel today?’ Yes, every other day.

Go With Her To The Doctor

Busy at the office? That cannot be an excuse to send your partner alone for hospital visits. Be with her during every visit to the doctor. Imagine how special she feels when you accompany her every time, irrespective of your busy schedule.


Give Her A Massage

Pamper your partner with a massage. Give her a nice foot massage to give her relief from the troubles of swollen feet and ankles. And she would be grateful to you forever if you give her back massages too. It just sends her a message that you are concerned about her.

Respect Her Choices

While you choose a menu or a place to hang out, make a decision based on her choice. Because she is the one who cannot stand certain smell or flavor. Even though you dislike the food or place she chooses, go with her likes. She will love you for that.


Prioritize Her

Do your friends have a weekend get-together plan? Or do you have a habit of weekend partying with friends? Decline such invitations once in a while for your partner. Agreed that you cannot miss fun all the time. When you want to go out with friends, make sure your partner is in the company of her besties or her favorite relatives. Understand that it is tough to be alone when you are pregnant, especially during the third trimester.

Cook For Her

Not a master chef? Worry not. Your partner may not be expecting delicious foods when you enter the kitchen. Instead, what matters more to her is the love and care shown by you. Moreover, as you take over the kitchen, she gets a little extra rest. Your sincere attempt to help her is enough to bowl her over.


Read Books Together

Going to prenatal classes together is very important. If you are not able to do that, your absence may disappoint her. However, there is something else you can do for her. Read the most informative pregnancy book together. Or read those books, which she suggests.

Take Her Pictures

Even though she loves her growing tummy, she may not love those extra pounds that came with pregnancy. She might hate to talk about her weight gain. Well, just show that you still love her and admire her. Let her know that she still rocks your world. And one way to do that – take as much as photos of her during pregnancy. Arrange a maternity photo shoot. It means a lot to her.


Thank Her

Of course, you need to do this whenever possible. Well, don’t overdo it! Do not make her feel that you are faking it. Respect the sacrifices she makes to bring the baby to your life. Thank her for bearing the discomforts to give you the most beautiful gift you can ever have.

Dads-to-be, it is true that pregnancy takes a toll on your partner’s energy levels. It’s your responsibility to keep her going with small gestures of love. These are some suggestions. You know your partner better and you know what she enjoys or loves the most. Go ahead and do it for her. You have a long nine months!