Three Things You Didn’t Know You Signed Up For When You Got Pregnant

Depending on your luck, you might encounter one or all of the following concerns at different levels. For some reason, the psychological repercussions of pregnancy are so rarely discussed but we feel so free to share our physical experiences and changes. So, for all the current and future moms-to-be, here’s a heads up:



1. People Will Get Touchy-Feely: Once you’re pregnancy is announced or just can’t be hidden anymore, people around you and even complete strangers will be so amazed by the life you’re carrying inside your belly and can’t help but grope that bump (sometimes even without prior consent). Eventually all of those barriers you built over the years, where people finally started to respect your personal space and understood the concept of privacy, will become a thing of the past. You will become the receiver of a lot of unsolicited advice about what you should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking. You will become the spiteful audience of terrifying birth stories, prying questions and strange comments, the like of which no non-pregnant person has ever been subjected to.

At some point you will come to accept that people just consider pregnancy and raising a child as a matter of public interest. To counter rude comments, unnecessary conversations and people who want to touch your stomach, state that you feel the morning sickness coming on. Everyone has an opinion on pregnancy and the only way to avoid this is by biting your tongue more often than you should or by responding in a way that is assertive yet considerate of their intentions. It gets even more annoying when you’re loved ones start to sound crazy as well, but you can’t really blame them. They only want the best for you and baby. Chances are that one day you might just turn into that insufferable adviser without even realizing it.


2. You Start To Feel Like A Science Experiment: Even if strangers and your family leave you alone, as a part of monitoring your health as well as the baby’s development, midwives and doctors will poke and prod you more often than most women are comfortable with. Being surrounded by people with latex gloves on will start to become nerve-wrecking and you might be one the few that can’t wait for your pregnancy to just get over so you don’t have to deal with people constantly reassuring you that everything is going according to plan by meddling with your hoo-ha. In the case of delicate pregnancies, there will more invasive tests and monitoring which can leave you scared after every appointment. Find the best doctor or midwife possible, someone you can trust a 100% and who understands your needs. If they’re not very reliable, you can be left second guessing at a lot of critical moments which will leave you and your loved ones more paranoid than usual.

3. Initiation Into Mommy Community: No matter how private or shy you may be, it is really hard to contain the excitement when you just find out you’re pregnant! You might end up ruining the surprise to your family and friends, you may post a picture of the pee stick or even go on a praising spree where you can’t stop thanking your mom for all she’s done. And this is totally fine, it’s even considered normal. So don’t stress about sharing the good news, you will feel at peace when you receive support and answers to questions and discussions on parenting forums, especially when it comes to stuff you can’t admit to your partner or best friends.


You may only get a couple of opportunities to endure this horrible/ beautiful ride so make the most of it and don’t be disheartened by situations that are out of your control. Your pregnancy is not like any other so hold onto your sanity and take each day as it comes.