Thoughts Women Have When Overdue

The third trimester of pregnancy is when women start to feel the urge to give birth and get over it already. and what happens when you are overdue? You feel like your pregnancy is never ending and you’re waiting for the baby to pop out. After talking to enough moms, here a list of things expecting moms feel when they are well past their due date.

1. Why Does My Baby Bump Have Sharp Edges?

When you’re past your due date, it means your baby is fully grown and thus your baby’s feet, elbows, knees, and hands will no longer make your baby bump look or feel round. It may seem like your tummy now has corners. This is only a sign that you are ready for the delivery and once your belly reaches capacity, your baby will give in.



2. Do Not Ask Me If It’s Time

Once you’re 34 weeks pregnant, people around you are constantly asking you if it’s time and if you see any signs. Well, if you are well past the due date, it means your baby is still not ready. Why do people have to ask if it’s time a million times in a day? Mothers often feel rage and frustration when asked if it’s time for the baby to pop out or if the water broke.


3. Can I Be A Mom?

This is a thought that runs through a pregnant woman’s mind right from day 1 of her pregnancy. The expecting mother is constantly doubting herself if she can be a mom and if she’s ready for it. Even when she’s crossed the 36 weeks mark and is waiting for the baby to pop out. So, it is normal to feel scared and anxious and even clueless about what to do after giving birth.



4. Why Not Now?

You’ve packed the bag, you’re read all the books on parenting and your family is waiting for your word. You’ve even chosen your baby’s name and decorated the room. All you seem to be waiting for is the baby to come out. It is normal to feel like you’re waiting forever. And it is completely normal to expect the doctors to pull the baby now. You may ask your doctor ways to induce labor and feel frustrated about how long you’ve to wait. While there is nothing much you can do during this time, take your chance and relax and catch up on some sleep.


5. My Boobs Are Getting Bigger

It is a known fact that pregnancy causes your boobs to get bigger. But, how much bigger can they get? Well, once you start breastfeeding, your boobs will grow even more in size. So yes, it is best to say it feels like you’re in for a boob job.



6. Who Am I?

You may not recognize yourself when you look into the mirror. All you may see is a baby-growing or producing machine. Your appearance may have changed, with your face being swollen, and you may just feel strange. This feeling will not last for long, so enjoy your new identity while it still lasts.

7. Spicy Food Is All I Need

Once you are well beyond your due date, you want to give birth and just get done with it. You may start to wonder about all those spicy foods that can help induce a labor finally. You can try the spicy food and even nipple stimulation but don’t try it all at once.


Well, it seems pregnancy is quite a feat after all. There are many other angry, frustrated thoughts pregnant women think when they’re overdue but the bottom line is they are waiting for the baby to pop out. It is normal to feel bouts of anger and wanting to lash out at everyone around you.