6 Things To Avoid Before And After Having Sex

6 Things You Shouldn't Do Before And After Having Sex

Whether you are in your 20s or 40s, you enjoy some intimate time with your partner. You’re aware of the most important things you need to know before having sex like using protection, communicating about STDs etc. But, there are some trivial things that go unnoticed either before or after having sex.

However, these trivial things should not be overlooked so they don’t ruin your time with your partner in the future. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do before and after sex so you can enjoy it without any interruptions.

3 Things You Should Not Do Before Sex

1. Do Not Drink Too Much

Before Sex, Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol

It is okay to have a glass of wine for dinner with your partner. It can probably set a romantic mood for your evening date. However, it is very important not to go overboard with the drinks. Drinking too much alcohol has been associated with a decreased sex drive and you may also take time

to reach an orgasm. You definitely don’t want to wake up the following morning not remembering what happened the previous night!

2. Do Not Have A Heavy Meal

Before Sex, Don't Have A Heavy Meal

This does not mean you should not eat at all. It is okay to have a meal that is not loaded with carbs. Sometimes, certain foods like beans, lentils, or even a soda can make you feel gassy or cause discomfort if you already have digestive issues. You know that eating too much can make you feel drowsy or sluggish. If you want to perform better in your bedroom, limit your meal an hour or two before you have sex.

3. Do Not Forget To Shower

Before Sex, Don't Skip The Shower

If you’re running late for your date, the first thing you’d miss is your shower. Of course, you are not going to

smell because you have your perfume to save you from any body odor. But, there is more harm than just body odor if you skip your shower before having sex. A shower is important to keep those bacteria away from your partner. Women are more prone to infections than men, so it is very important to have clean sex. If this sounds too boring, step into the shower with your partner to spice things up!

3 Things You Should Not Do After Sex

1. Do Not Forget To Pee

After Sex, Don't Forget To Pee

You probably make sure you empty your bladder before having sex so you don’t interrupt your romantic night. It is important to do this after sex, too. This does not mean you have to jump out of bed and rush to the washroom right after you have sex. You can cuddle and cherish the moment with your partner. Just make sure you use the bathroom within the hour you had sex so you

know there won’t be any of those post-sex bacteria.

2. Do Not Sleep In Your Lingerie

After Sex, Don't Sleep In Your Lingerie

Sexy lingerie may be a big turn on for your partner, but you should never sleep in them after having sex. Most lingerie use fabrics like rayon, nylon, and polyester, which can irritate your skin. Your vagina is a sensitive part of your body and after sex, it only gets more sensitive. Wearing these fabrics down there can cause irritation and discomfort. To avoid this, if you really want to cover your lady parts stick to cotton underwear or just go commando, allowing enough air circulation to avoid any infection.

3. Do Not Use Too Much Soap

After Sex, Don't Use Too Much Soap

It is natural to feel the need to wash your lady parts right after sex. This is okay as long as

you are not using harsh soaps, chemical-containing wet wipes, or any other scented products. It is okay to clean your lady parts with mild soaps and warm water. Just make sure you don’t use too much. The skin around your vagina is soft and tender and way more sensitive than usual after sex. Using scented products or other harsh chemicals may cause irritation, itching, and redness. So, if you feel like cleaning, use a mild soap or simply warm water.

So, now that you are clear on what you shouldn’t do before and after having sex, plan a romantic evening with your partner.