First Day Home Alone With The Baby? 6 Things You Need To Do

Home alone with your baby? For first-timers, it might be really difficult. In the first few days or weeks, your husband and other family members pitched in to help you. When they all are gone, you have to face the hard truth. You might even have no idea what to expect.

Well, no need to panic. Being nervous does not help you. A bit of preparation helps you deal the situation like a pro. If you plan everything beforehand, you will have enough time to focus on your baby. Well, it may seem like an impossible task. But, try these to manage things well when you are alone with your baby.


Plan Your Menu In Advance

When you have a baby to look after, the most challenging task is to cook. Always plan your meals and snacks. And keep them ready before your partner leaves for work. If you are food deprived, you will have no energy to take care of the baby. Keep in mind that you may end up holding the baby in your arms all the time. Your little one may hesitate to sleep on the bed. So, whenever you plan your meals, get foods that can be eaten with one hand. Or else pack your food so that it’s easy to grab it when you are hungry.

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Well, easier said than done! Agreed, it is not that easy. You might have made a long to-do list for the time when your sleep. Just drop all those plans and sleep! ‘Catch a nap whenever you can’ –this should be your thumb rule during the first few weeks. Because your body needs time to recover from childbirth. If you don’t get adequate rest, your body may fail to work the way you want.


Leave Your Chores

Worried about your messy home? Leave it for the time being. The focus should be on your little love. If you insist on mopping the floor or dusting the furniture, you will be exhausted at the end of the day. Know your limits and manage your work accordingly. Do not unnecessarily worry about the chores. Instead, spend time with your bundle of joy. In the loving presence of the mom, your baby will be less cranky or fussy.

Go For A Walk

Never ever stay indoors throughout the day. Get some fresh air. Go for a walk with the baby. Or ask a friend to join you for a walk. Going out, meeting others, and talking to different people will renew your vigor. With a refreshed mind, you will be a happy mom for your baby, not a frustrated, tired mom.


Engage Your Older Children

If you have older children, it becomes all the more difficult. You will have to juggle the needs of your older children and the newborn. The smart move is to offer your older children new items and fun activities. However, choose activities that do not need any assistance from your side. Let them help you with simple household tasks and encourage them to be an active part of babycare.

Accept The Challenge

Don’t lose your heart! You should understand that it is challenging for any mom to manage their baby alone. There will be frustrating moments – nappy changes, spit ups, rocking, soothing the baby and repeat! Your little one may be reluctant to sleep or may cry without any reason. You are not alone, every mom goes through this phase of motherhood. What matters is how you manage it.


More importantly moms, believe in yourself! Never doubt your ability to take care of the baby alone. Your confidence will grew over the days and you will be an expert in babycare.