6 Things You Learn When You Become An Aunt

Nothing could prepare you from those overwhelming emotions that come along the way when you first see your sister’s baby. The struggle your sister goes through with pride, the exciting moments when you first see your gorgeous niece/nephew are some things which need to be felt than spoken.

Welcoming a baby into the family is pure joy and happiness. Not everyone is lucky and fortunate to have a sister who plays an important role during pregnancy. From the moment you get to know the pregnancy until you hold the baby in your arms in the hospital, it’s a total roller-coaster ride.


Here are things that you learn when you become an aunt.

1. Start Freaking About Your Responsibilities

When you hear about the pregnancy, your mind starts freaking out. You don’t know what are you supposed to do exactly? You have never been an aunt before, there are no aunt guidelines to turn you into a great aunt. Your mind is full of doubts about responsibilities. What would be your role – babysitter, present-giver, helper, friend – what is it? But, in your heart, you know what exactly you will become when you get to see your little niece or nephew. You would want to be their life and it would be difficult if you live in another state. You just want your niece/nephew to know YOU!


2. Your Sister Is Not A Kiddo Anymore

As you and your sister sit and discuss the future, baby names, cute stories of babies, suddenly it will dawn on you that your sister isn’t a kiddo anymore. She and her motherly behavior would make you realize that she is not the same little sister whom you played with, threw mud at, the same bestie when you broke up with your ex – and Now, she is a mom! You just cannot believe it.

3. You Buy The Best Gifts Ever

When your sister is preggos, c’mon would you miss those wonderful times? You would become the best person on this planet Earth to shower them with best gifts. Your sister knows that a bottle warmer is a great present, but seriously you can freak them out by gifting them downright awesome stuff.


4. You Keep Getting Texts From The Family About The Baby

Every time your little niece or nephew does something cute, it has to come as a text to you. A Halloween costume, a cute milestone of the baby, just-a-normal day picture – anything and everything needs to be shared on social media. This is how your life will turn out be when you have a little adorable baby niece/nephew.

5. You Will Be Bombarded With Questions

Yes, right from your parents to anyone and everyone will throw questions on you asking when are you going to have kids. Especially if you’ve been out of the house for few years, parents start wondering when will you start a family. The pressure gets stiff if your sibling beats you ahead to babyhood. Can you feel those eyes staring and waiting to ask you about the same old question? You better have a good excuse and not look like some baby hater.


6. Your Sister Is Still The Same

Things will change once the baby is born. Your sister will talk more about babies, you will get to see her mother the baby with confidence and pride. Even when you know that her priorities have changed in life, she is still your same old sister.

Those who are close with their sisters know there’s something special about the relationship. That’s right. Best sisters have extra-sensory sister perception and you are fortunate if you have a sister like that!