10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas

Some may call it the “va-jay-jay,” or give it fancy nicknames like, “the lady garden.” Call the vagina as you please, no one can deny how glorious these wonders are.

But, besides satisfying the Mill-and-Boons needs of a woman, and tackling on a seven pound baby during childbirth, do you really know anything else about these pleated beings?

Vagina-holders or not, there are certain things everyone should know. Let’s get down to it.

1. It’s all in the nerves

A penis has 4000 nerve endings. But a clitoris has 8000 nerve endings. That’s double the number in penises. This makes the clitoris a powerhouse of sensitivity, and the most erogenous part of a female body. Just think about all that potential.

2. The clitoris is a mysterious little dudette

The sole purpose of such a tiny thing is pleasure. While you think you’ve seen it all, a hidden part of the clitoris lies underneath the skin. It’s sort of like an iceberg. You only see the tip. Some experts even say that the external clitoris is where 10% of pleasure resides.

What you can’t see, attached to

the external clitoris, is a shaft three times its size. Attached to the base of the shaft are two arm like structures that run along both sides of the labia. Think of it as more of a wishbone.

3. Women get boners too!

That’s right, lady boners are a real thing. Except women don’t have to try covering it up (more power to you, clitoris). During arousal, blood rushes to the clitoris and causes it to harden and become erect.

4. Vaginas are all about accommodating

Vaginas are kind, magical things. The length is normally between 3-4 inches. But they are designed to be elastic.

During sexual arousal, the vagina can expand to almost twice its normal length. They make room to accommodate penises, however big and not-so big ones. This change in shape helps to push a sperm into the cervix. Everything returns to normalcy once the moment’s passed.

It’s a different ball game for childbirth, though. During childbirth, vaginas expand to a greater size to make it easier for the baby to move from the uterus. But along with elasticity, vaginas can recoil back

into shape. Maybe not as the exact structure before childbirth, but definitely close to it.

5. It’s a self-cleaning machine

Do you think you need a fancy soap or special water to keep the vagina clean? Put those things down. The vagina needs none of that.

The vagina is home to useful bacteria that does a good job at cleaning things. The bacteria helps to maintain the pH level of the vagina, and protects it from other harmful bacteria. If an imbalance in useful bacteria occurs, it could lead to infections.

This is why douching is not a good idea for the vagina. Just stick to water and plain soap. Preferably, unscented ones.

Tip: Eating yogurt helps to maintain the health of your vagina. Make sure the labels have ‘live culture’ written on it. The cultures help to fight the growth of yeast.

6. The truth about the hymen

The truth is not so bloody, as stories make us believe.

The hymen is a small, almost ragged, membrane that clings to the vaginal opening. In fact, the hymen doesn’t cover the vagina entirely. As girls age, the hymen

tissue fades away. This could be due to a number of reasons, including playing sports, washing, and even walking. In some cases, the hymen could be elastic, allowing vaginal intercourse without being injured.1 There are even a few cases where women aren’t born with hymens.

7. Vaginas don’t get loose if you have a lot of sex

Vaginas are super elastic. They are build to stretch, expand and then shrink. Having a lot of sex doesn’t result in a baggy vagina. Not IRL. The vagina expands during arousal and intercourse, but it returns to its normal size after it.

8. Vaginas can clamp down on penises

While it might sound like something out of the movie “Teeth” (you know, the one with a vagina full of teeth), the fact remains. The vaginal muscles, in rare cases, can hold onto a penis during intercourse. It’s known as penis captivus. It’s a condition where penises are locked in, and cannot withdraw from the vagina. That’s certainly not a romantic


9. Vaginas are nature’s pocket

People do get things stuck up in vaginas. Condoms and tampons are the usual suspects. On the positive side, things don’t get lost in there. It’s easy to retrieve the things back. One story was of a girl who might have fangirled Donny Osmond a little too much. She was found to have a rolled-up poster of the star inside her vagina. True story.

10. There are exercises just for vaginas

One word: Kegels! Several women, especially after childbirth, swear by this exercise. During the course of pregnancy and after childbirth can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. Kegel exercises help to firm and strengthen the muscles around the area.

Embrace the vagina, ladies!