9 Things That Wont Happen During Pregnancy

There is no dearth of feel-good stories on pregnancy. Talk to any new mom about their experience. They will have all kind of pleasant stories to share with you. But, there are a few hard truths that no one tells you. Here are those nine things that won’t happen during pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy Glow


Are you looking forward to the glow that allegedly happens during pregnancy? Don’t want to disappoint you, but, this may not be true for everyone. Even though it happens, fatigue, excessive sweating, a swollen abdomen and stretch marks overshadow the celebrated glow on your face. So, each time people around you glorify your dewy complexion, you have the right reasons to suspect them.

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2. Fun-Filled Pregnancy Period


You might be pinning hopes on the fact that your sister had a trouble free nine months. Well,

symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for everyone. Nausea, vomiting, headache, and fatigue may become part of your pregnancy, as the way your body embraces pregnancy is different from your sister.

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3. Perfect Size Bump


You will be the only one who is happy and proud about your perfect size bump. For others, it is far from perfect. “Oh, looks like a football,” “too big, twins there?,” “why your bump is so out of shape?”- your days will not pass without hearing these comments.

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4. Positive Childbirth Stories


Don’t expect people to instill positivity and confidence in you with narrations of lovely birth experiences. This is the time you get flooded with horror stories about pregnancy. You will be obliged to listen to tragedies that happened to people who are hitherto unknown to you. You

will be forced to understand the signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications, even though you do not have any such problems. No wonder, they ask you to be brave and tough during pregnancy!

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5. Lack Of Advice


As a new mom, have you ever wondered from where you will get help and advice? Well, you will find experts all around you, even those who never had babies will give you endless speeches on safe pregnancy- What to eat? How to sleep? What to wear? You will be bombarded with information, which will definitely confuse you.

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6. Hustle-Free Pregnancy


As soon as you get pregnant, you will be dreaming of a carefree nine months. But then, it will not happen. The luxury of getting rest, reading baby books and listening to music will not be a real

life scenario. Instead, you will be more concerned about household chores, hospital visits, and designing a baby nursery.

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7. Uninterrupted Sleep


Undisturbed peaceful sleep- your dream as an expectant mother. The nights during the first trimester is marked by frequent visits to the restroom. As your pregnancy progresses, the growing baby’s kicks will keep you awake at nights. Moreover, towards the end of the third trimester, you will be always on alert looking for signs of labor.

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8. Active Social Life


Of course, your life is not going to stay the same as it did. Your outings with the friends may not happen that often. You feel abandoned by your friends. Even if you venture out, you may not be able to keep up with your friends all day. The tiredness will force you to get

back home as soon as possible.

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9. Due Date Delivery


The delivery on the given due date happens very rarely. Sometimes labor signs show up days before the due date, sometimes you may have to wait a little longer. However, timing is not what matters, but a safe delivery.

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Any experienced mom will tell you that nine months are full of surprises. There are certain things that you need to experience to realize and understand it.