4 Things Women Want Men To Know About Sex

Sexual satisfaction is an important part of a good relationship. But it works very differently for men and women. The female orgasm is not a myth but a reality. It is often thought of as a myth as women in heterosexual relationships often miss out on reaching orgasms. According to a nationwide survey conducted by the Indiana University, Kinsey Institute and Chapman Institute, 98% of men and only 65% of women achieved orgasm in heterosexual relationships. In the same survey it was found that 89% of homosexual men, 86% of homosexual women, 88% of bisexual men and 66% bisexual women achieved orgasms. And it is very clear from the statistics that heterosexual sex is not completely satisfying women and their sexual needs. So, heterosexual men really need to buck up in bed to satisfy their women. But there are things that men can do to change that. Here are the four things that women want men to know about sex and female orgasms.

1. Dump Your Porn For Better Sex

Say no to porn

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You can start turning on your women by ditching your porn. There is nothing wrong in watching porn but it is important to keep your expectations in check. Porn can sometimes bring unrealistic expectation about sex. It can have a really damaging effect on your relationship. Porn is a wild emotionless make-believe version of intercourse. And hoping to emulate that kind of sex in real life is like hoping to box like Sylvester Stallone after watching Rocky. Porn sex is not fun even for the porn stars. They do it like a technical part of their jobs. Porn is shot to make it seem arousing to only your eyes and not to your emotions. But sex is much more than just penetrative sex. It is a complete act of intimacy.

2. Take Your Time In Bed

 Take your time

Sex and satisfying sex are two different things. You can have sex in 5

minutes but satisfying sex takes much longer than that. Duration is an integral part of great sex. Studies have shown that women who achieved orgasms often, are the ones who had sex for longer duration. But do not confuse it with hour long pornographic sex. That hard core sex with vigorous thrusting against the wall can do the exact opposite to women’s orgasms. This kind of intensity can leave you in pain afterwards. So, spend some time in bed with your woman and invest as much in arousing her as you invest in arousing yourself. And that way both you might climax at the same time.

3. Hands And Lips Are Just As Arousing

Hands and lips

Men have been raised to believe that their private parts are all they need for providing pleasure. But it is grossly untrue. Women are sensitive and can be aroused with much more than just a penis. Hands and lips can really set the ball in motion when

used right. A survey shows that almost all men achieve orgasm through penetration whereas only 35% of women achieve orgasms through only vaginal sex. And vaginal stimulation is not dependent on the size of the penis. This is the reason why other parts of your body can be useful in turning a woman on. Oral sex can be intensely pleasurable for women.

4. Spice Up Things With Your Words

 Words are powerful

Great chemistry in bed comes from the chemistry that two people share outside their beds. So, use your words to turn on your woman mentally before you can turn her on in bed. This will set the ball in motion and will make your job much easier in bed. So, use your technology and creativity to get things heated up even before reaching the bedroom.

Pay attention to your woman in bed and know her more to know what turns her on. The satisfaction that you give your woman will only bring

her closer to you.