5 Silly Things We Worry About During Labor But Shouldn’t

From the moment you find out that you’re pregnant, go easy on your worries. Don’t freak out on how will you look or what would you say in the delivery room on the D-day. Of course, we are all humans and we tend to worry silly in late pregnancy and during labor.

If you are worried – don’t be, because when it comes to birth there is no point thinking how your leg hairs look or how long they are grown? This also essentially means no more shaving your lady parts and you can just go the ‘chewie’ look.


There are many worries that clog our brain about labor which ideally shouldn’t. Here are 5 silly worries when it comes to labor.

5 Silly Things We Worry About During Labor

1. The Bikini Line Problem

When you have reached a stage where you can’t see your own toes, how likely is it to take the razor and sort your bikini line? It ain’t gonna end well expectant mommies.


If you still have doubts about keeping it trimmed and shaved, we have got news for you. The easiest way to deal with it – don’t shave anymore.

Although, it’s a personal preference to “hair trimming” the nether region, seriously, why add another issue to the pregnancy? Don’t be very embarrassed during your OB appointments if your lady parts aren’t in tip top shape. Your OB or midwife could care less too. They are only interested in the health and well-being of you and your baby. If your partner pitch a fit, tell him all will be back to “normal” once the baby arrives. After all, a good thing is worth waiting for, right?


2. Paint The Toe Nails

Want to look good on the delivery day when you are pushing so hard to get your little munchkin out that your intestines might come out? (pardon me, C-section moms) Warning alert – it’s not going to be easy to paint your pinkies with the fanciest of colors to look good before delivery carrying that big bump of yours.

Or hold on, we have got an idea! Maybe you can promise your partner with half obscene favors so he can help you with the nail paint. How does it work out for you ladies? Get into action and stop worrying silly about your toenails when there are hundred other things that are important.


3. Set The Hair Straight

Haven’t you heard of wet flannels? That’s exactly will be on top of your forehead while you are going through labor fully flustered, hot, and anxious. Even if you are getting ready to wash and straighten your long Rapunzel locks, in preparation for a beautiful photography after birth, you will end up looking like a porcupine with a bad hair day after all the perspiration and hard work.

In the end, no one really cares about your hair, when you are holding that precious little bundle of joy in your arms.


4. Watch The Manners

Worrying too much about your manners going out of the window? It’s nothing new for your OB or midwife when you use the filthiest language in the delivery room. Pain makes you do unusual things. Once the delivery is over, just a courtesy ‘sorry’ would sort out things.

Many women have gotten surprised by their own behavior when using the language they had never dreamt of using, normally directed at their partner. Swearing can have a natural painkilling effect, more so when you normally don’t do it! So, everything is fair in pregnancy and labor (winks)!


5. Put The Make-Up On

Do you really want to go into labor with full foundation and all the other creams on your face? Reality check ladies – you are not going to last the race for sure. Troweling on eye make-up after seeing your baby for the first time is guaranteed. Even those fake tans. Orange streaks after sweating profusely are not what you really want.

However, packing the makeup stuff in your hospital bag wouldn’t hurt anybody. For those first photographs and hospital selfies with your newborn, you could use a little lip balm and shine to look better.


Do you think looking at your best through labor is important or is it wrong? It’s all personal choices, if there’s more left on this list, let us know.