7 Things To Share With Your Gynecologist Without Being Embarrassed

Gynecologists are an important part of all women’s lives. As women are riding up the success ladder, the stress is increasing in their lives. Women are branching out in various dimensions which can bring on many additional challenges. So, physical, mental and sexual health are things that women need to be extra careful about. But women often feel embarrassed to share certain details with their gynecologists. But that is a mistake as gynecologists want to know about your intimate problems so that they can help you in the right manner. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about sharing with your gynecologist.

1. The Number Of Sexual Partners

Our society has conditioned women to feel bad about their sexuality. So, women who have had more number of sexual partners often don’t want to discuss that out of their fear of being judged by others. But it is not true in case of gynecologists as they are not concerned about the number but rather your health. They are only concerned about the sexual history of their patients to ensure their good health. It is an important piece of medical information. So, let your gynecologist know about it even if he or she doesn’t ask. Don’t be apprehensive about sharing this important piece of information.

2. Information About Unprotected Sex

Sometimes people can goof up in the heat of a passionate moment and forget to use condoms while having sex. Women often don’t bother about the aftermath until they experience some unusual symptoms. But a lot of times women who have unprotected sex can get their periods with no unusual symptoms. Unfortunately, some STDs like Chlamydia can be asymptomatic and HPV virus can be dormant inside our bodies for years before they show any sign. So, if you had unprotected sex, do share it with your doctor.

3. Bleeding After Sex

If it happened only once after a rough session of sexual intercourse, then you don’t really need to discuss it with your doctor. But if it has happened more than once, then you need to consult your gynecologist. It can be a sign of infection or vaginal dryness. And sometimes it can signify precancerous issues. But you don’t have to get scared about this. Just talk to your gynecologist and he or she will be able to help you.

4. Period Problems

If you are sensing any difference in your period and you are not pregnant, then you should definitely bring this up with your gynecologist. If your flow is heavier or lighter than usual, it can be due to many reasons like an infection, hormonal imbalance or a cyst. So, it is important that you talk to your gynecologist about this to get a better insight into your health.

5. Painful Sex

A lot of women can face this issue. This issue is common with both middle aged women with declining hormones and young women who are on birth control pills. Vaginal dryness is often the reason behind this. But sometimes, tilted uterus can also be the causative reason. So, it is important for you to share this with you gynecologist as he or she can take care of this. And this will also help your sex life greatly.

6. Sexual Abuse

This is a criminal offense. So, you shouldn’t keep mum about this under any circumstance. But you should also definitely consult your gynecologist to check for STDs or any other doubts that you might be having. Your gynecologist can guide you down the right path in this regard and help you with any other resources that you might require.

7. Weird Smell

This is another thing that women often notice but feel embarrassed to share with their gynecologists. If you are experiencing an unusual smell down there, then it could be due to pH imbalance or an infection. Let your gynecologist know about this development and he or she will guide you.

Gynecologists want to help their patients achieve overall good health. So, don’t shy away from telling them intimate details that are bothering you.