6 Things To Say To Your Kids To Raise Them Right

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the whole world and everyone would agree with that. The job of parents is so crucial. Parents are not only raising their children but also future citizens of our society. They are raising an individual who will become someone’s spouse, parent, friend and colleague in the future. So, when parents fail to do their jobs well, its effects transcend through the years and lives of many others. Parenting style differs with different people. Often people raise their kids the same way they were raised. So, this can have a strong ripple effect through generations. So, it can either raise many generations of empowered people or train-wrecks. In some households, kids don’t have the authority to question their parents. Such kids generally end up employing the same technique while raising their kids. And in such households, there will always be a distance between the parents and the kids.

But parents can raise strong and empowered children by adding a few things in their parenting books. There are a few things that can you ask

or say to your children that will help them in becoming self-assured individuals. A few words of assurance can bring your kids much closer to you. Here is a list of things that you can ask or tell your kids for building up their confidence.

1. “What Do You Think?”

This question will help you to get your kids to talk. By asking them their opinions, you can include them in a conversation. That way they will drop their guards and open up to you. But remember to give them their space to open up and otherwise they will shut you out.

2. “How Do You Want To Handle That?”

Teenagers don’t really think of themselves as children. So, they will really appreciate if you can invest your trust in them. When you ask your kids this question, it shows that you trust their ability to

take care of their problems. When they get into a trouble and you ask them how they want to handle it, it gives them an opportunity to choose rather than rebel.

3. “Have You Thought About All Your Options?”

When you ask them this question, it gives them a chance to go through all their possible go-to options even if they know all their options. It allows them use their freedom and management skills to come up with a great solution.

4. “Would You Like To Talk About It?”

You are enabling them with a choice to share. This will give them the confidence to open up to you. And when they do, it will be out of their free will and choice. But you need to respect their decisions if they choose not to. Best thing to do in that situation would be to let

it go. But this question will leave a window of opportunity open for them to come back and talk to you whenever they want.

5. “I Am Proud Of Your Efforts”

This is a great way of giving assurance to your children. This will fill them up with confidence to know that you appreciate them and their efforts, no matter how small they might be. This will give them a big ego-boost and will help them in making wise choices later.

6. “I Will Always Be Here For You”

These words can mean the world to a child in distress. This would give them both strength and hope all at the same time. Knowing that the parents would support their children in their hard times, would enable them to take risks in their lives in the right directions. It will empower them to know that their

parents are there with safety nets to safeguard them from falling.

So, add these techniques to your book of parenting today, and raise empowered and self-assured adults of tomorrow.