7 Things To Never Do When Having Sex

Whether you’ve been sexually active for years or have never had sex with anyone before, it doesn’t hurt to be informed about what constitutes safe sex. Even if you have years of experience, it’s possible that you might have some of these bad habits that can be harmful to you in the long run.

1. Overlook STDs

STDs are getting resistant to treatment


We know you hear it all the time but now, it’s more important than ever because several diseases are becoming resistant to medication. This makes treatment a lot harder. Unless you’re in a mutually exclusive relationship with your partner, there’s no reason to skip regular testing or using protection.

2. Avoid Talking About Protection

Always practice safe sex


If you’re an adult who is sexually active and you’ve never talked about protection with a sexual partner before, you really need to re-evaluate your choices. Have open conversations about testing, and what kind of protection you both are comfortable using. Always do your research to see what method of birth control fits for you. If you have questions, direct them towards your doctor who can provide reliable advice.

3. Use Oil Based Lubricants With Condoms

If you are using condom, don’t use oily bases as lubricant


Oil-based lubricants can degrade the latex in condoms and make them ineffective. If you are using condoms, aloe vera gel can be a natural option for lubrication. However, you’ll have to make sure that it’s pure aloe gel with no alcohol or other additives. So, buy from a trustworthy source and double check the label for any additional ingredients. Make sure that you’re not allergic to it with a patch test on the inside of your elbow. Be warned though, the stuff can be stickier and thicker than other commercial lubricants.

4. Use Food For Stimulation

Don’t insert food into the vagina or anus


Combining the kitchen with sex can make for some imaginative fantasies but they are ones that might not be great ideas to play out in real life. Using phallus-shaped fruits or foods to insert into the vagina or the anus is a huge no-no. Not only is this asking for infections but in a worst-case scenario, bits of the food can break off and get stuck inside. Nothing like a visit to the emergency room to kill the mood.

Involving foods like chocolate or whipped cream is alright as long as it doesn’t get anywhere near a vagina. The skin is sensitive here and can suffer from infections with the use of strange substances.


5. Go Harder Than You Can Handle

Take it slow instead of pushing yourself too hard

It might be tempting to give it all you’ve got while you’re on top but know when you’ve reached your limit. As a woman, you could get muscle cramps and exhaust yourself, making it harder for you to reach orgasm. If you’re a man, trying adventurous angles without prior experience can actually cause you to fracture your penis (yes, it’s possible). Whenever you try something new, pace yourself and take it slow. You and your partner might actually enjoy the varying speeds.


6. Drink Too Much Before Sex

Alcohol can make arousal and climax difficult

A glass of wine may help you set the mood but more than that could kill it. For men, this could mean difficulty in getting their ‘equipment’ to work. Women who drink alcohol before sex notice that it gets difficult to become aroused and it inhibits their ability to climax.1 This is because alcohol suppresses the part of your nervous system that’s responsible for arousal and orgasm.


7. Neglect Cleaning Sex Toys

Your sex toys also need to be cleaned thoroughly

Any toys that you use must be designed specifically for use during sex. Especially ones that are designed for anal stimulation. These should have a plug on them that prevents them from getting lost. Any toys that you use must be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. You can use anti-bacterial wipes to quickly clean it off before giving it a thorough cleaning.

Above all, remember to enjoy yourself. Sex is supposed to be fun so as long as you have the consent of your partner, don’t be afraid to experiment. But, remember to do so safely without risking your or your partner’s health.