6 Things You Should Know If You Are Dating A Self-Sufficient Woman

Some women are used to being alone and self-sufficient by choice. They are not typically lonely. They choose their company over others whom they don’t like or get along with. They are content in their space and they don’t like sharing that with numerous people. They are extremely independent by nature and possess a strong character. They are very self-aware which is why they don’t try to do anything that is uncharacteristic of them. They are always very true to themselves and they wear their truth with honor. They are not necessarily people-pleasers as rather they are self-pleasers. They have spent a lot of time being alone by choice. And it is so because they never found anyone who seemed worthy enough of taking a risk.

But, that changed when she met you. You managed to do the impossible and steal her heart. She has opened herself to you because she likes you enough. But, she still has her doubts about navigating the choppy waters of relationships. She is not like other women you have met. Hence, she will not act

like others either. That is why here are a few things you should know about your woman.

1. She Will Do Things On Her Own

She is very used to living her life as per her rules, conveniences, and on her own terms. She likes her independent space of doing things. So, don’t feel neglected if she doesn’t tell you every detail of her whereabouts. It is not because she is hiding something from you. It is because she is very used to not giving any explanations to anyone. But, as times passes, you will become a more significant part of her life and she will inform you about every little thing.

2. Overprotective Friends

This is something that you have to deal with in the beginning of this relationship. You will meet her friends and they will be overprotective of her. Don’t worry, it has

nothing to do with you. It is just that her friends know the kind of person she is. She doesn’t indulge in casual dating. So, since she chose you, they would want to make sure you are worthy of her and her time.

3. She Will Struggle To Let You Do Things

Again, you need to understand that this person is very used to being self-sufficient. She is used to doing her things and taking care of herself. So, she will struggle a little initially to let you do something for her. But she will come around to it. So, you need to just hold on to your patience and be there for her.

4. Expect Stubbornness

You will face a little problem with her stubbornness. You will have a few fights initially till you find your middle ground. She would want things to be done

her way in the beginning only because she is just too used to that way of life. But you need to remain calm and let her know how a relationship works. She might resist a little but eventually, she will see your point.

5. Your Intentions Will Be Questioned

Sometimes, she will directly tell you what she feels about your intentions. And sometimes, she will beat around the bush till she gets to the point. Try not to be angry at her for saying such things. She trusts you and she loves you, but she is scared inside. She wants to make sure that what you feel towards her is real and not a figment of her imagination.

6. She Will Have Her Guard Up

Initially, you will not see her with her guard down. It will take her some time to completely let you in

before she could be completely vulnerable in front of you. It will eventually happen but you need to respect her pace.

This type of woman will not be easy, but she will be worthy of your hard work. You will however see good return on investment if you can get past the initial hurdles of this relationship.