11 Things To Know Before Giving Birth

If you are a first-time mom, they say that nothing can really prepare you for what is coming during birth and beyond. I have found this to be entirely true for me. If you are in the final stages of your pregnancy, you are naturally getting things ready for the big day and taking care of your baby afterwards.

During this intensely transitional period you need to divide your time and attention between keeping yourself and baby healthy; getting organized for the labor and baby care, while keeping your sanity and your family together.


11 Things You Need To Take Care

To help you prioritize, here are the 11 most important things you should be focusing on.

1. Trust Your Body

Giving birth to your baby is one of the most life-changing experiences. It will require strength, patience and a lot of love from you and your partner to push your baby out of your body and into this world.


While we do not have full control over how things will evolve during birth, know that your body knows exactly what to do. Trust that everything will be ok for you and your baby.

2. Create A Birth Plan

Choose carefully and wisely how you want to give birth, who is going to be with you, where and how you wish the birth to proceed if things don’t work as expected.


3. Choose Experienced Professionals

Having a doula and a dedicated midwife by your side could make things easier during labor. Choose professionals who are experienced with whom you feel comfortable and safe, also make sure you meet them several times to catch up, especially during the third trimester.

4. Eat Well

Pregnancy is a critical period for long-term development and health of your baby. The third trimester is no exception. The quality and quantity of nutrients you eat and give to your baby will help build a strong body and brain. So focus on eating real, wholesome and nutrient-dense meals that nourish both of you. Adequate protein and healthy fats are very important at this phase.


5. Prenatal Supplement Is Vital

Get the best quality prenatal supplement you can afford. Pregnancy is not the time to cut corners. Your baby needs the highest quality of nutrients to develop and thrive. Ideally, you will keep taking your top notch prenatal during breastfeeding as well, so make it count.

6. Be Happy

Your feelings and mood matter throughout pregnancy! Studies show that the babies of women who were happy and relaxed during their pregnancy are healthier in the long run.


7. Do Yoga

Generally, it is safe to engage in light prenatal exercise after the critical first trimester. Prenatal yoga has scientifically proven with health benefits for both mommy and baby, such as reduced risk for pregnancy complications and preterm birth.

It will also reduce lower back pain, which you are probably experiencing pretty intensely in the third trimester, and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Trust me, you will be grateful during birth and beyond.


8. Be Prepared

Start preparations for your little one soon, especially if you are a first-time mom. Taking care of a newborn will absorb immense amount of time, energy and attention, especially during the first three to six months. So get ready, collect all the essentials and buckle up!

9. Stay Strong

Mental preparation is essential. Having a baby is a significant milestone, which is inevitably accompanied with stress and a chaotic transition that will lead to a beautiful family bond.


10. Call In Helpers

If you are planning to breastfeed your little one, make sure you will have proper support from an experienced midwife or lactation consultant immediately after giving birth. While breastfeeding is highly recommended and an entirely natural process, several things could make it difficult. The first hours after birth offer a golden opportunity to breastfeed your newborn and create the foundation of a life-long bond.

11. Take Loads Of Picture

Enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy, despite the increasing discomfort. You will miss the moving and kicking of your baby inside your body. Take loads of pictures and make keepsakes that will help you remember those days in the years to come and maybe one will make wonderful gifts for your grownup children!