7 Things To Know About Aloe Water

Aloe vera is often regarded as a miracle ingredient for skin care and maintaining general health. The pulp can be used to heal sunburns as well as chapped skin and aloe water is used as a refreshing drink to keep you healthy. Here are seven things you need to know about aloe water and its usage.

Benefits Of Aloe Water

1. Is A Good Anti-Diabetic Agent

Is a good anti-diabetic agent


Aloe water used daily as a supplement has excellent food sugar lowering properties. The minerals present in aloe as well as some polysaccharide compounds are believed to be responsible for lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.1

2. Is Great For Ulcers

Is very good at treating ulcers


Aloe vera can be used to treat ulcers of all kinds, in particular those found on the skin and in the mouth. Aloe water also has protective effects against the development of gastric ulcers. A glass of aloe water can help heal mouth ulcers sooner than they ordinarily would.2

3. Is An Excellent Antioxidant

Is an effective antioxidant


Aloe in general is known to be an excellent antioxidant, joining the ranks of several other superfoods in its free-radical scavenging ability. Aloe water used daily can help prevent several chronic disorders that are caused due to oxidative stress. In a sense, aloe water is a preventive measure against the development of illnesses.3

4. It Helps Treat Asthma

Helps treat asthma


Any asthma sufferer knows that it is one of the worst manifestations of an allergy you can ever have. The triggers are varied and the treatment options are limited. Using aloe extracts can help treat the problem at its very root. In this regard, drinking aloe water every day comes in very handy. The only observed side effect is that it causes diarrhea in some people. Without the presence of side effects, aloe water can be safely used to cure asthma over time.4

5. Is An Antibacterial Agent

Is an effective antibacterial agent


Aloe and its extracts have proven antibacterial activity against some of the most resistant bacteria known to us today such as S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and every woman’s sworn enemy, the fungus Candida albicans.5 Drinking aloe water every day can help prevent infections from some of these agents, as well as clear up a mild yeast infection.

6. Is Filled With Laxative Effects

Helps with laxative effects


Aloe has anthroquinone compounds that cause its most famous side effect- diarrhea. In most people, however, these compounds serve as an effective laxative, clearing up the digestive system in no time.6 Do recognise the difference between an easy stool and diarrhea and stop drinking aloe water if you notice any potent side effects.

7. Is Effective In Preventing Ageing

It acts as an anti-ageing


Aloe water consumed daily can help slow the process of ageing, as well as keep all organ systems functioning effectively.7

Aloe water is much less potent in taste than aloe juice as it has fewer concentration of extracts. Its efficacy may therefore be affected. As a preventive medicine, aloe water can make for a safe and health supplement.