6 Ways Sex Can Change After Age 50

Sex can be just as fulfilling in your 50s.

People assume that most sex lives end by the time the big half century rolls around. This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, plenty of couples and singles above the age of 50 enjoy active and fulfilling sex lives. If you wish to enjoy your sex life after 50, here are some things you can expect.

1. You Will See Biological Changes

Your body will change as you age



Biological changes as you age are inevitable. As you get older, these physical changes often lead people to believe that sex is impossible after menopause. The most common effect of menopause is estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for keeping everything lubricated and comfortable. When menopause, the labia, clitoris and the entire vaginal area may experience less lubrication as well as a sort of shrinking called atrophy.1

Doctors may recommend hormone replacement therapy in the form of oral pills. However, these can come with harmful side effects. There are also topical applications of estrogen, like suppositories which can help without causing these side effects. Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants can help ease the discomfort as well.2



It may take longer for men to achieve an erection. While in their youth, sexual fantasies were enough to get them hard, older men may need direct stimulation. Their erections may not be as firm or last as long as before. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have orgasms. They will find it more fulfilling to engage in whole body stimulation to feel pleasure.

2. Your Partner Will Be More Attuned

Your partner will know how to get you turned on


Like we mentioned earlier, older men will be more likely to enjoy whole body stimulation. Massages, kissing, cuddling, and sensual touch will definitely be on the agenda. As a woman, this can be much more fulfilling as well. If you’ve been married for years then you’ll definitely know what turns each other on.

3. Your Self-Confidence Will Be Higher Than Ever

You are unapologetic about your body


As a young woman, you may have been much more conscious about a little bit of belly fat or those stretch marks. After children and/or years of learning to love yourself, you will be entirely unapologetic about your body and rather be proud of what it has accomplished. Most men and women this age realize that their partners rarely ever care about what they think are problem areas. You will also hesitate less when it comes to asking for what you want in the bedroom. Life is short to skimp on pleasure just because you’re too afraid to ask.

4. You Might Not Need To Use Protection

Couples can relax about using birth control.


There’s no need to mess around with condoms, pills, diaphragms, or any other form of birth control after menopause. This can be extremely liberating for any couple. Of course, this only applies if you’re only having sex with one partner. If you’re having sex with several partners, you definitely still need to protect yourself from STDs and STIs. Statistics show that STDs are on the rise among sexually active seniors due to a lack of sex education.3

5. You Don’t Have To Worry About The Kids

Couples can freely enjoy sex whenever they want.


An empty nest can give couples the liberty to do it whenever, wherever, and however they want to. With the kids gone, there’s no need to lock the bedroom door or keep things quiet. Couples now have the opportunity to be as loud as they want.

6. You Don’t Have Any Pressure To Perform

Sex is more about emotional connection now.


There’s no need to fret over performance anymore. Sex is more about connecting emotionally than the actual physical aspect of it. Sexual activity doesn’t have to end in orgasm but it can still be just as fulfilling.

7. You Can Experiment Freely

Sex may need some experimentation to be exciting.

If you’ve been married all this time, sex can get routine and almost boring when by the time you hit 50. You may feel the need to switch it up, whether that includes roleplay, sex toys, or any other kinks. Just make sure to stay safe and keep it consensual.

Whether or not you’re nearing 50, it doesn’t hurt to have open conversations with your partner about sexual wants and needs. If you’re single, learn about your own body and what makes you feel good. This can help you connect with partners better.