5 Things To Do While Preparing For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-altering event in a couple’s life. Once a couple get pregnant, they would be required to change their lifestyle, their food habits and even cut down on their vices. There are many couples who don’t plan their pregnancies. 50% of all pregnancies are believed to be unplanned. But there are many couples who plan their pregnancies and try to figure out all the details before they actually go through the life-altering experience. According to the OB-GYN and Women’s Health Expert, Sherry Ross, at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, a couple should allow themselves a period of six months to go through a pre-pregnancy checklist to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This will allow the couple to have a risk-free pregnancy. This will also allow women to be more prepared for the upcoming challenges. There are many things that a couple can do to prepare themselves for a pregnancy. Some of those things have been listed below.

1. A Wellness Visit


Many gynecologists believe that having a check up is a good way of starting the process of family planning. Ideally, a woman who is trying to get pregnant should get a thorough check up of herself four months prior to getting pregnant. It is important that a woman who is planning to get pregnant pay a visit to an OB-GYN for a checkup. This visit is important because this will allow the doctor to check all the health parameters of the future mother. Blood pressure, weight, blood sugar etc. should be checked to cut out all the unnecessary complications from a future pregnancy. Any underlying conditions can get detected in a check up like this.

2. Folic Acid

Women who are trying to get pregnant must not have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Hence, they should really start taking multivitamins with folic acid to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Gynecologists have been speaking about the importance of vitamin B complex from a long time now. Taking enough vitamin B can reduce the chances of birth defects. Women should start taking multivitamins with folic acid 3 to 4 months prior to conception as this will significantly reduce the chances of their fetuses having any spinal cord and brain issues.

3. Look Into Your Habits

Giving birth to a baby is a big commitment that starts with the decision of wanting to be pregnant. It is required for women to take care of their health to be able to do that. A woman needs to provide a growing fetus a nourishing environment for it to be able to grow. Our bad lifestyles can take huge toll on our bodies. So, women who are planning to get pregnant need to take a hard look at their habits. Drinking, smoking and other vices need to be cut out before getting pregnant. Also, women should focus on taking less stress and sleeping more to prepare their bodies for pregnancy.

4. Healthy Diet

It is mandatory for women to be healthy and fit before getting pregnant. Food habits play a big role in that. Nourishing one’s body with fresh produce, healthy fats and vitamin rich foods is important. Additionally, women should cut out processed and non-pasteurized foods from their diet. Allow more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

5. Get Checked For Diseases

It is a precautionary measure that will help you to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you have a family history of diseases, you should get it all checked. Also, you can and should get yourself tested for genetic disorders that you might be carrying. You should get yourself tested for birth defects, chronic diseases like diabetes and other developmental diseases that you might pass on to your child. This will help you to get a clarity about what you are getting into.

So, now you can do all the above things to prepare yourself for a relatively easier pregnancy. Enjoy this beautiful phase by preparing for it beforehand.