10 Ways To Make Up An Effective Daily Routine

Make an effective daily routine you can stick to.

Most of us feel like we can’t find any time in the day. The result is that we’re often frustrated, stressed, and unable to focus on our own needs properly during the work week. It’s a common misconception that we have no time. The truth is that we’re not using our time efficiently. Here are some tips to get an effective routine in place.

1. Wake Up Properly

Make sure to be properly awake before starting your day

Most people tend to walk around half groggy and mostly asleep for the first half of their day. That’s because they don’t take the time to properly wake up before taking on the day. Splash cold water on your face, do some light yoga or exercise, breathe deeply. All these things can wake your brain up so that you’re truly prepared to face your day.

2. Laugh

Find something to make you laugh

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Get rid of some of those morning blues by laughing. Laughing releases endorphins that can make you feel better and happier.1 You’ll be less grumpy and more productive. Watch a funny video online if that’s what does it for you. But make sure to get off the computer right after that.

3. Stay Offline

Do some light yoga or meditation in the morning.

The internet is amazing but it brings some harrowing effects with it. Checking your emails and messages first thing in the morning can be distressing since you’re already thinking about the expectations and pressure from those around you. Don’t get online until you get to work. If that’s impossible, try to stay off your devices in the first hour that you get up.

4. Eat Breakfast

Eat a wholesome breakfast in the morning.

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It sounds simple but so few people do it. Eating breakfast keeps you more alert, more cheerful and more productive.2 Do your meal prep the night before if you are not ready to cook something in the morning. For example, if you want an omelet in the morning, simply whisk up two eggs with whatever fillings you want, like sauteed mushrooms and shredded cheese. It should sit well in the fridge overnight. In the morning all you have to do is heat up a pan.

5. Spend 10 Minutes Cleaning

Start your day with an organized desk

After getting ready, spend 10 minutes straightening out your room and house. Put back your clothes in their place and make your bed. You’ll feel much better coming back to a clean home that’s in order, rather than the cluttered mess we make when we get ready. Do the

same when you get to work. Before sitting down, take 5-10 minutes to clean and organize your workspace. You’ll be able to think better. Do the same at the end of the day.

6. Take Breaks

Make sure to take a break after

Our attention spans have a limit of about 90 minutes. After that, take a 15-minute break. Breaks help you get back to work refreshed. This is better than going through day partially paying attention. During this break time, don’t just scroll through social media on your phone. Rather, take a walk, talk to a coworker, or read. Take a longer break for lunch. At least a half an hour to one hour. If you go out with your coworkers for lunch, don’t talk about work.

7. Exercise

Exercise helps make you more productive.

Make time for a workout session sometime in the day and not

just for the obvious health benefits. Exercise has plenty of mental health benefits as well. Exercise impacts your academic and professional performance. Studies found that people who exercise regularly perform better at work. They have better mood, better tolerance, and better time management over people who don’t work out.3

8. Flesh Out Time

Make time for hobbies by cutting down social media time.

Look at your entire day and notice what activities you do throughout the day. Perhaps you spend a little too much time browsing the web at work, especially after lunch. Notice how long you spend on things like social media and try to limit that time. At home replace this time with other activities like journaling, pursuing a hobby, or even sleep. We all know how much scrolling through your phone can rob us of our

sleep. You’ll be surprised to find that you have more time in the day.

9. Prepare For Bed

A bedtime routine will help you fall asleep

Leave enough time for a good bedtime routine. It’s the perfect way to let your body know that it’s time for bed. Shower, moisturize, and sip on some warm, caffeine-free tea. Put your screens away at least half an hour before bed. Try to read instead. Maybe even write instead. You can just put your thoughts down or make a to-do list for the next day. This will help you fall asleep faster and on time.

10. Include Times On Your To-Do List

Allot time for each task

When you make a to-do list, don’t just put down tasks. Allot a certain amount of time to each task. Make the timings tight and strictly adhere to them. Don’t make allowances or give

yourself more time than you think you might need. This will help you keep on track and prevent procrastination.

Try incorporating these tips into your daily routine and you can be sure that your productivity will soar.