5 Things You Must Do Today For Better Eye Health

Inculcating good habits in our way of life helps keep our eyes healthy

Maintaining our eye health is important to lead a healthy and beautiful life. Like all other parts of the body, our eyes too need care and protection. There are many factors that play an important role to keep our eyes healthy and functioning. However, many of us tend to take our overall eye health for granted. We often overlook regular annual eye checkups. These annual eye checkups are necessary as they detect other health problems as well, that might in the long term, affect our eyes. If you follow certain good habits, you can not only take care of your eyes but also, protect your vision without any medical help.

1. Start Eating The Right Food

Include leafy greens, berries, cold-water fish, eggs, etc. for better eye health

It is often said that we are what we eat. This is because our bodies are a reflection of the food we are eating. When we eat healthy, our body functions well and helps us stay

strong. For our eyes, eating leafy greens and foods rich in vitamin A is quite essential. Include eggs, leafy greens, berries, spinach, carrots, etc. in your diet to keep your eyesight healthy. Have enough cold-water fish such as salmon as they contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that prevent the eyes from drying and keep the retina healthy. Coffee also takes care of our eyes as it is high in antioxidants.

2. Makeup Is Not A Good Idea

Never sleep with makeup on as it can cause dry eyes, allergic reactions, etc

Many women tend to sleep off with makeup on. This is not just harmful for the skin, but for your eyes as well. When you sleep with makeup on, there is a high possibility of allergic reactions happening to your eyes. Makeup can also make the eyes go dry, lose your eyelashes, and if makeup builds up, bacterial infections might occur due to the toxic heavy metals present in most eye makeup. Before going

to bed, it is always advisable to remove old mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. to promote better eye health. Remember the trick that if you do not have any makeup remover, avocado is the best bet to remove all the makeup.

3. Ensure Protection For Your Eyes

Use sunglasses, eye guards, safety shields, etc. when required

It has been proved that 90 percent of the eye injuries are related to sports activities. It is important to use safety shields for your eyes to protect them from injuries and harmful radiations in the environment as well. Start wearing eye guards, safety glasses, sunglasses, and safety shields when required. People who work in hazardous environment like construction sites and workshops or participate in certain sports activities like ball sports or extreme sports are recommended to use protective lenses or goggles that provide UV protection as well.

4. Walk Away From Time To Time

Take short breaks when you are working on the
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In today’s world, most of us work in front of the computer for hours at a stretch. This is why it has been found that digital eye strain has affected around 75 percent of computer workers. This is often known as “Computer Vision Syndrome” and leads to muscular strain and stress in the eyes and a lot of discomfort that can result in headache and loss of eye power as well. Make sure you wear computer glasses when you are working on the computer for long hours. Read magnified texts, blink frequently, and take good breaks. These breaks could be just a walk around the workspace or a short bio break to drink water as well. Also, it is recommended that the computer screen stays 20 to 28 inches away from your eyes.

5. Visit Your Doctor Annually

Visit Your Doctor Annually

It is important not to miss the

annual eye exams that are scheduled for you. A comprehensive eye exam is necessary at least once in a year to ensure overall good health of your eyes. It is important to do a comprehensive eye exam and not just vision screening. This will help you check for any eye diseases and other eye problems as well. These type of tests also make sure of an early detection of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and neurological issues as well.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and ensure that you are doing good to your eyes. All you need to maintain good eye health is to eat healthy, sleep well without makeup, protect your eyes, walk away from the computer screens from time to time, and check your eye health once a year.