6 Things To Do For A Stress-Free Delivery

Your baby grows rapidly in the third trimester and wants to come out fast, evidently showing the excitement through those little kicks and hiccups. This is the time when you should keep everything ready.

The anxiety and fatigue put you through a lot of stress. Although stress is the most unwanted visitor that you want in life, it’s not possible to be completely stress-free. The key is to be prepared, keep the plans clear, and ready for delivery.


The more you are at ease, the better able you will be when you face the labor. It’s all about the clarity of mind that saves you when you go into labor. We know the last thing that you would want to hear is people screaming at you to relax, but that’s exactly what might help you the most.

Here are some things you need to do to be stress-free.


6 Things To Do For A Stress-Free Delivery

1. Key Is To Be Prepared

Childbirth classes can help you in a lot of ways. Read a lot of books about labor, talk to new moms, get to know about pain medications you’ll be administered. Face your fears and doubts that might pop up, right away, rather than getting caught off guard later on if something doesn’t go well as planned. The key is to be prepared.

2. Set The Mood

It is always good to know what to expect! Both you and your partner should understand what’s gonna happen and be familiar with the environment. Most hospitals offer a package in the last trimester. It is all about the type of ward you can choose, type of delivery, and the duration of stay. A soothing environment would help you stay tension-free.


Many hospitals now offer alternative delivery rooms that look more like the house than maternity room. You can end up giving a personal touch to it by placing a picture of your family and even pack your portable stereo. A lot of women find listening to music to be soothing and count contractions easier.

The knowledge about the expenses ahead will make it easier for you to plan ahead. Plan it right and stay stress-free.


3. Have An Additional Support

Most often, your spouse or significant other might be with you in the delivery room. But a number of moms-to-be also choose an additional support – birthing coach, doula, sister, or a friend. Having a well-planned support system for yourself inside the delivery room will bring down your stress or anxiety levels.

4. Keep Help Ready

Many couples manage their post-natal care on their own. If you have a close-knit family, grandparents are more than happy to help after delivery. If you are planning to keep a stay at home help, educate the ways you would want the baby to be handled.


How to take care of the baby – breastfeeding, burping, swaddling, diapering – are offered for free in many hospitals. Discuss every plan with your husband and set the expectations. This could help you relax.

5. Try Meditation

To stay calm during labor, you can try meditation techniques. One of the latest technique is hypnobirthing. Moms-to-be learn to put themselves into a relaxed state. This helps in managing your anxiety and discomfort. The more relaxed and cool you are, the fewer complications and shorter hospital stays than other women.


6. Bank On Cord Blood

Collecting the blood from the umbilical cord or placenta and storing it in a blood bank will help later for your child and family. The cord blood cells have the potential to treat many diseases that include blood disorders, some cancers, and immune deficiencies. It could be used for any of your family members that might act as a savior of life.

Just go with the flow with a positive attitude to have a stress-free pregnancy.