7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

Second PRegnancy: 7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

Second baby:7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

Your first pregnancy is almost a mystery. Since each pregnancy is different, no amount of reading up and listening to suggestions fully prepares you for what is to come. You try everything under the sun to ensure that the little one in your womb gets the best nourishment and care. You end up doing many things right, and you also end up making quite a few mistakes. The difference between your first pregnancy and your second is experience. You get equipped with the knowledge of what suits your body and your baby along with a long list of blunders you made during pregnancy 1. There is no handbook about how you should go about your second pregnancy, but there are a few things you can do differently.

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1. Choose The Right Doctor

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During your first pregnancy, you spend more time and effort choosing tiny outfits and strollers rather than your doctor. You have to be able to bond with your obstetrician at a very intimate level and should be able to express all that you’re going through without hesitation. If you were not able to form that connection during your first pregnancy, start researching and get it right this time. You can ask your friends, family doctor, or pediatrician for referrals.

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2. Watch What You Eat

Pregnancy Nutrition: 7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you have the notion that you have to eat for two. This can backfire, and you end up gaining more weight than planned. Take a pregnancy weight chart and calculate the appropriate amount of weight you should

gain during each stage of your pregnancy. Get in touch with your nutritionist and carefully plan your meals. What you eat should be packed with nutrition not calories. Don’t be careless about taking your vitamin pills.

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3. Strengthen Your Core

Pregnancy Exercise: 7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

Carrying a baby in your womb puts a lot of pressure on your spine and pelvic region. It is necessary to follow an exercise routine during pregnancy that strengthens your core muscles. It improves your posture, reduces lower back pain, leads to fewer complications during delivery, and increases the chances of a quick recovery after giving birth. If you have suffered from abdominal separation after your first pregnancy, exercising can help prevent it after your second. Consult your doctor about the exercises that are suitable for you and join a prenatal exercise group.

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4. Don’t Stress About The Delivery

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As your pregnancy progresses, you tend to stress more about your delivery. This feeling is common between your first pregnancy and your second. The good thing about your second birth is that it is easier and the labor is shorter than your first. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques and don’t put too much stress on yourself. Remember, your body has done this before. Trust your body; it knows what to do. Stress can cause your pelvic muscles to tighten up, making the delivery difficult.

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5. Don’t Go Overboard With Baby Stuff

Baby Stuff: 7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

As a first-time mother-to-be, you buy all the adorable baby clothes, devices, and toys you lay your eyes upon. The extra things you buy just end

up cluttering your house. Make a list of only the basic necessities and stock up on them. You will also have several things left over from your first pregnancy.

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6. Go To The Hospital Sooner

Pregnancy pain: 7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

Your second labor will be shorter than the first. Keep your hospital bag packed with all the amenities at least two weeks before your due date. Consult your doctor, time yourself, and head to the hospital earlier than you did the last time. Being prepared will ensure that you don’t give birth in the backseat of your car.

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7. Prepare For Days Ahead

Pregnancy preparation: 7 Things To Do Differently During Your Second Pregnancy

Once you deliver your second baby, you will have to go through sleepless

nights and heaps of dirty diapers once again. It is more difficult this time around because your older child will need care and attention too. You need to prepare it for the change that is going to come into its life. Letting your partner slowly take over its bedtime, mealtime, and bath can ensure a smooth transition once the second baby comes in. Take extra help from your family and friends, if necessary.

Another addition to your family will multiply your happiness, but taking care of two kids can be a handful. It will be of great help if you get your partner involved completely in parenting. Relax and make the most of your time with your little ones – they grow up way too fast.