Things To Do Differently During Second Pregnancy

Having a baby, especially if it’s your first, is a momentous occasion. Everything we do for the baby should be the best. But when you get pregnant the second time around, things change, isn’t it? It is not quite the same. No, no, we are not talking about the love and care that you have for your babies, we are sure you would equally adore them both, but still, life wouldn’t be the same!

Being pregnant second time makes you feel that you have figured out the whole pregnancy thing, but you need to realize that every pregnancy is a whole new ball game and there are no rules. Don’t panic, just learn the tricks to make it different the second time. Here are things that you should do differently the second time.

Stop Eating For Two

Get your facts right! Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to eat whatever you feel and be lazy. It will affect the whole pregnancy in a negative way. If you have done this the first time, now is the time to change. You can be more active physically,

eat right, and exercise. If you have gained a lot more in your first pregnancy, change it the second time. If you still feel it’s a losing battle to start with, it’s fine. Even if your second pregnancy has started with a high BMI, just follow a healthy diet and exercise. Gaining too much weight is not just right for your health but for your growing fetus as well.

Get Your First Child Prepared

It’s a big change for your first one, especially if he/she is too young to understand. But getting your little one adjusted to the new way of doing things before the new baby arrives will make the transition smooth. Simple changes – potty training, switching the older baby to a big kid bed, changing the waking up time, changing the bath time-bedtime tasks to your partner – would help you handle the newborn without stress. Making any big changes just two or three months prior or after the new baby is born will not make a good impact on your older baby.

Switch The Doctor

The second time around switch

the provider if you feel that your first time didn’t work too well. It can be done rather easily and don’t be concerned on how your ‘old’ doctor or midwife would feel. Don’t blame yourself for making a decision which is best for you and your baby. Find a doctor you trust and whom you can talk to easily. If you didn’t have the bond with your doctor in your first pregnancy, it’s time to change your Ob-Gyn this time. Consult with your friends, family, or even your family doctor.

Go Easy On Yourself

You can go easy on yourself and stop spending a lot of time preparing for the birth. You have read a lot of books, online stuff, childbirth classes, blogs, talked to moms, and most importantly have a hands on experience. You need not worry or feel guilty if you are reading or playing with the first baby. Divide the energy between looking after both the babies.

Easy Birth

Second labor is almost always faster than the first. Your body knows what to do exactly. There is a common belief about

second pregnancy being easier and shorter. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be worried about the delivery. If your first delivery didn’t go as planned discuss with your care provider, hire a doula for support, and get to know the pain management techniques. If you have had C-section the first time, it need be the same second time too. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is possible.

No Excuses On Exercise

If you had not given your best on exercises the first time, it need not be the same this time too. Keeping your core at its best will help you during delivery. Practicing Kegel exercise for 10 minutes every day will help with your weakened muscles and even stress incontinence.

Rush To The Hospital

Have everything well prepared and packed before your due date. Especially, if your first labor was a short and fast one, you need to get to the hospital during your second delivery way more faster. Make a plan with your doctor well ahead of time, so you don’t give birth in a parking lot.