8 Things That Set Great Sex Apart From Average Sex

Great sex isn’t a myth. It’s all about both partners having a good time and being satisfied. Wondering how you can make this happen? Here are 8 things that are crucial for making your sex life great.

1. Being Physically And Intellectually Compatible

Both Physical And Intellectual Compatibility Are Crucial For Great Sex

While intellectual compatibility is important, being attracted to your partner physically is crucial too. That said, if your partner is dull as a dud and doesn’t stimulate you mentally, it may come in the way of having great sex. You need to have a balance of both physical and intellectual compatibility.

2. Understanding Each Other’s Sexual Needs

Talk To Each Other About Your Sexual Needs Every Now And Then To Enjoy Great Sex

Having honest conversations about sex is an important part of a great sex life. Take time every now and then to tell your partner

what you like and what you don’t. Also, know what his/her dislikes are too. This helps both of you understand your sexual needs and keep you from interrupting the other with instructions during the act.

3. Sharing And Indulging In Sexual Fantasies And Desires

Share And Indulge In Your Sexual Fantasies And Desires Once In A While For A Great Sex Life

Everyone has sexual fantasies and desires. Sharing them with the person you’re sleeping with could spice up your sex life more than you can imagine. It helps your partner understand your sexual needs better, and he/she will be more than happy to fulfill them. Let your creative juices flow in the bedroom too. Trying something new every now and then like a little role play or blindfolds might make sex great for both of you.

4. Staying Comfortable Around Each Other

Sex Will Feel Great If Both Partners Are Sexually Comfortable With One Another

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You’re likely to feel conscious only if you let yourself feel that way. Give in to the moment and let yourself go. It is but natural for you to moan during sex. These noises help your partner know that you’re having a good time. Any bodily fluids coming out from down there are also an indication that you’re loving what’s happening. Stay comfortable with yourself around your partner and you’re sure to have great sex.

5. Being Generous

Both Partners Need To Be Generous In Bed For Great Sex

More often than not, you need to give to get. And this works with sex too. While being a little selfish is okay sometimes, it’s important that you satisfy your partner’s needs. That said, it’s always a great feeling knowing you can give your partner a great time.

6. Starting With A Massage

A Massage At The Beginning Of Sex Will Relax Both Partners
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Great sex is only a massage away! Building the mood with a massage can help both of you feel at ease and increase intimacy. A massage also improves circulation, increasing your chances of climaxing. Wondering how to kick start lovemaking with a massage? Try giving your partner a back massage. These massages are believed to be the simplest to start with.

7. Indulging In More Foreplay

The More The Foreplay, The Higher The Chances Of Orgasms For Both Partners

You’re sure to have heard that good foreplay is key to having great sex. While it may not be absolutely necessary, increasing the amount of time you spend on foreplay could do wonders for both of you. Making out and teasing each other for longer increases anticipation. A slow build always improves the chances of a great orgasm for both partners. Foreplay also stimulates both the mind and

body, making sex a more pleasurable experience.

8. Using Lube

Lube Reduces Friction, Making Sex More Enjoyable For Both Partners

The most intimate act tends to be a tad bit awkward once in a while. And while pauses during the act aren’t really sexy, too much friction can come in the way of having a good time. The easiest way to avoid friction is by pausing for a few seconds and applying lube. Lubricants reduce friction and allow for smooth movement, making sex more enjoyable for both partners.

Keep these things in mind the next time you’re having sex. They’re sure to help both you and your partner have a great time in bed.