Holding A Sleeping Baby? Things That Definitely Happen

Watching your baby sleep is relaxing and rewarding at the same time. But, only you are aware of the effort that has gone into putting your baby to sleep. After a round of feeding, rocking, swaddling, humming, and shushing, when your little one finally decides to drift off on your shoulders, the below things happen. And these things make all your hard work go for a toss! Read on and see if you have already experienced all of these.

Holding A Sleeping Baby? Things That Definitely Happen

1. You’ll Have A Runny Nose Or An Itchy Cough



Just when you think that your stubborn little one has finally come to a mutual agreement with you on sleeping, a sneeze, cough, or an irritation also come knocking. You might try to control by holding your breath for a while (because that sounds way better), but when you finally give up, you tend to cough or sneeze right into your baby’s ears! Voila! You just woke up your happily sleeping baby.

2. Knock, knock, You’ve Got A Mail



Even after you have left a DND note taped on your doorbell, the delivery guy will knock your door (with a hammer mostly!), leaving your baby totally disturbed. After giving up on trying to put back the baby to sleep, when you finally open the door, you realize that the parcel is not even for you. Number 32 is apparently locked and you are politely accepting their parcel.

3. Your Phone Decides To Play Some Loud Beats



After being a mom, you immensely thank the option of silent mode on your phone. And when you finally see your baby snore peacefully, you decide to hover over facebook for a while. Without your notice, your thumb clumsily presses on a video link which starts playing at a loud volume, leaving your baby irritated, awakened, and disturbed.

4. Your Bladder Screams To Empty Itself



Some days can be really hard and your baby wouldn’t just want to get off your shoulders. After having tried all the techniques to get him to sleep, you suddenly realize that you have an urge to pee. Putting your baby on the bed or couch would definitely wake him up. So, at the end, you decide to carry your baby to the bathroom. And, buttoning your pants after this could be a task, but then, who cares!?

5. Your Loud Visitor Will Show Up



Just when you had accomplished the task of dozing your baby off to sleep, your doorbell rings again. This time, it is your visitor with hyperactive vocal chords, who wouldn’t mind being loud about how cute your sleeping baby is. There you have a cranky, crying baby staring angrily at you and your guest alternatively!

6. The Oven Timer Goes Off



You would have completely forgotten about the cookies you put in the oven while juggling with your little one. And then when it looks extremely adorable asleep on your shoulders, the timer of your oven starts beeping in the loudest tone possible. You probably let it beep, while hiding yourself along with the baby in a room away from the kitchen.

7. The Elder One Starts Throwing Tantrums



Handling a toddler and a baby at a time is no doubt a challenging task. And when the elder one starts throwing tantrums while the little one is asleep, you might want to go invisible. Shushing the toddler while he is yelling at the top of his voice will surely disturb the sleeping baby.

8. Your Husband Talks Loudly


Just when your baby falls asleep, your husband’s belongings go missing, or he gets a phone call, or he would want to tell you something important, on top of his voice. He is a bigger toddler after all.

These things are sure to irritate you while your baby is asleep. But, what’s a motherhood without a little crankiness?