7 Things That Happen When You Learn To Be Happily Single

Being single or flying solo is not a very celebrated idea with our generation. We are constantly seeking company and making plans on the weekends to avoid being alone. The benefits of this fear are being reaped by the commercial sector. The dating apps are designed to trick you into believing you might find your soulmate. Pubs are packed with groups of people who barely know each other. But going to such lengths to avoid your own company is just not worth it. We can avoid a lot of things if only we learn to enjoy our own company. The amazing things that happen when you learn to enjoy your own company are listed below.

1. You Can Save And Use Your Energy Wisely

Making plans on every Friday night can be an exhausting task. From going to a good place for having fun to selecting what to wear, all these take a lot of work. And all of this can be avoided when we learn to enjoy our alone-time. When we are self-assured, we can skip a dreadful Friday night to recharge ourselves and be completely energized for a brunch with our dear old friends the next day.

2. You Learn To Cherish Your Relationships

When we are always out there, we meet people everyday. Our phone books are filled with numbers that we use only on Fridays. But when we choose to step back from that kind of life, we stop seeing friends as expendable items. We learn the value of good companionship when we have a handful of great friends instead of a horde of people we barely know.

3. Conversations Become More Interesting

When we are not pushing ourselves often to our limits to have dull conversations, we can save our thoughts to have better conversations with people whom we love. When we don’t exhaust ourselves in a mindless parade of dull conversations, we are more likely to have great and genuine content for our conversations later. You will have much more to say when you meet new people this way.

4. Heightened Productivity

Alone-time with oneself has been linked to higher productivity. We tend to be more productive when we are content being alone and not obsessing over going out all the time. We can use our time in hand in a much more productive way when we don’t burden ourselves with the idea of ‘going out to have fun’. You can invest in a hobby or create something new. You can catch up on your favorite shows or finish a book you started long ago. All these can be accomplished with just a tiny change in our perspectives.

5. You Learn About Yourself

When you let go of your transient circuit of fun, you get to learn a lot about yourself. You learn what you genuinely like when you don’t bog yourself down with other’s idea of fun. It will not be a cake walk in the beginning but the destination will be rewarding. You don’t have to do things to ‘fit-in’ when you do them alone. You can choose to do what you love, rather than settling with other’s choices.

6. Your Confidence Will Be Enhanced

When you stop seeking company, you also liberate yourself from seeking validation. This is great for your self-confidence. This will help you in standing out in a crowd. You will be more comfortable in your skin and in giving your opinions in a social or professional setting. You will stop associating your self-confidence with your company because it will come from within.

7. You Will Go On Amazing Dates

This is one of the greatest perks of learning to be happy alone. You will not accept anything that comes your way because you get rid of the fear of being alone. So, when you do decide to accept a proposal, you will accept it for all the right reasons.

So, don’t be afraid of your own company. You never know. You just might find yourself incredibly fun to hang out with.