9 Things That Change When You Have A Baby

9 Things That Change When You Have A Baby

Having a baby is probably the most diverse experience you’ll ever have. It’s a fantastic feeling that no amount of adjectives can ever define. You’ll experience pure, selfless happiness when you have a baby. It’s not called a bundle of joy for no reason.

The pains that parents undergo just before and long after having a baby is born is astounding. The lives of both parents change dramatically and will probably never be the same again. Needless to say, the happiness your child brings easily outweighs the pains you have to endure. Here are some things that will change in your lives with the arrival of your baby.


1. You Think More About Home Than About Work

A baby’s arrival makes you think about the baby even when you’re at work

For years you’ve been slogging it out in the office like a workaholic. You would spend that extra hour when required and even go out of your way to complete your tasks. But, once you have a baby, everything else takes a back seat and your baby becomes the center of your attention. Even at work, you may frequently think about what you need to take back home for the baby.


2. You Prioritize Your Baby Over Your Spouse And Yourself

The baby becomes a bigger priority than you and your spouse

Before the baby arrived, you would mainly think about what you and your spouse would do or how you plan to spend time. The baby’s arrival changes all that. Your focus now turns to the baby and its needs. Even both parents together sometimes find it hard to accomplish all that is needed to do for the baby. You finally learn to put the baby before your spouse and yourself. I mean, do you have a choice?


3. You Respect Your Body

Simple exercises will help you get back in shape post delivery

As a mother, your body begins to behave very differently from the time you conceived. And after you have delivered your baby, your body doesn’t even feel like yours. While the joys of motherhood can be wonderful, you must also focus on your body. Try some simple exercises or yoga to tone your body.


4. You Respect Your Parents More Than Ever

Respect for your parents increases after your baby’s birth

The respect for your parents grows multi-fold not just after having a baby, but all the way till your child reaches adulthood. Every stage of their life brings a new experience to you and you’ll have to find innovative ways to deal with them appropriately. Then, you begin to realize what your own parents must have gone through while raising you.


5. You Feel That Your Baby’s Pains Are Much Worse Than Yours

You worry more about your baby’s pain than your own

Before the baby came along, you were more sensitive to your pains. Headaches and body pains may have troubled you making you incapable of performing your daily tasks. But, now, you learn to ignore your pains and worry more about the baby’s tummy troubles or poop problems.


6. Every Day Is A Surprise

Children constantly surprise you as they grow up

With a baby occupying most of your time, you discover something new every day. From changing its diapers to wiping off its drool, there are countless tasks to perform. The baby, in return, begins to surprise you with its antics and new skills. You are surprised at how much you can endure just for the baby. There no end to these surprises.


7. You Sleep Less

Sleepless nights are guaranteed with the arrival of your baby

You may as well combine the two words and make it “sleepless.” Yes, the baby is going to give you many sleepless nights. Just when you’re about to doze off, the baby begins to cry. Mothers are the worst hit, as they have to feed the baby round the clock.

8. You Spend Less On Yourself And More On The Baby

Baby products are expensive and you spend more on the baby than on yourself

Before the baby’s arrival, you would spend money on buying things for your spouse or yourself. But, the list of baby products is just endless. As your baby grows, the number of products it needs only multiply. And whether you agree or not, baby products cost a bomb. I mean, their clothes sometimes cost more than your favorite pair of denim!

9. You Suddenly Become More Patient

Parents learn the art of patience when being with the baby

One trait that almost all parents develop after having a baby is patience. Nurturing a baby should be termed as a full-time occupation. It needs undivided attention and you must learn to keep your cool. It’s not like you can watch a soccer match sipping a beer while changing a baby’s diaper. It demands complete focus and patience is the name of the game.