5 Things That Are Ruining Your Dental Health

Our pearly whites need care and attention to remain healthy and strong. The hard and fast rule of dental care is that brushing twice and flossing daily is the key to having great teeth. Brushing and flossing can help us to have great teeth but there are lots of things that we do that can harm our teeth. Our teeth work hard through out the day tirelessly. It helps us to relish both nutritious and healthy foods as well as delicious unhealthy foods. Our food choices can be a big thing that dictate the health of our teeth.

The harmful bacteria that can spoil our teeth feed on sugars and carbohydrates. When we consume sugar or carbohydrate, the bacteria thrive on the residual of those things that are left behind on our teeth. They produce acid from the sugar and harm our teeth. These acids can erode our teeth eventually. Carbohydrates can produce the same effect. Similarly, there are many things that we consume that can harm our teeth. Here is a list of things that we need to be mindful about while consumption.

1. Acidic Foods

There are many foods that we consume on a daily basis which are acidic in nature like citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are very good for our health. Unfortunately, they are not very healthy for our teeth. The acidic touch can weaken the enamel of our teeth, thereby making them more prone to decay. A lot of people love to start their day by sipping on some hot water with lemon. Although, it is great for our health, it might not be as great for our teeth. So, you might want to steer clear of making it a daily thing. Similarly, apple cider vinegar has a reputation of being a teeth-whitener. But it is a highly acidic liquid that can weaken the enamel of our teeth. So, refrain from using it often.

2. Crunchy Chips

We all love to munch on crispy and crunchy chips. Chips like potato chips and cassava chips are tasty to eat but are not so great for our teeth. They are filled with starch and oil. When we eat chips, the starch present in them gets broken down to sugar molecules. These sugar molecules then produce acids which can harm our teeth. So, it is very important that we floss after we eat starch-filled foods like chips.

3. Sugar-Free And Sugar-Loaded Drinks

Sodas that we consume in plenty contain acidic components in them which are very harmful to our teeth. These sodas are highly acidic in nature with low pH values which have a corrosive effect on our teeth. And these acids can be more harmful than the sugar present in them.

Sugar-filled drinks have loads of sugar in them which can break down to produce corrosive acids which can erode the enamel. So, you might want to reduce your soda intake for the sake of your teeth.

4. Health Drinks

There are lots of health drinks that are available in the market that boast themselves as health enhancing beverages. Unfortunately, these drinks are very harmful for our teeth. These drinks are generally filled with sugar and are responsible for tooth decay. A research was conducted at the University of Iowa which focused on health drinks and their ability to erode teeth enamel. The research found out that most of the leading health drinks available in the market can erode the enamel of our teeth.

5. Alcohol

This is another big player when it comes to tooth decay. Generally, people think that alcohol is harmful to our teeth because of its constituents. But in reality, alcohol can cause dehydration and dry mouth by reducing the production of saliva. Saliva can protect our teeth from enamel damage, tooth decay and other oral infections. So, make sure to hydrate yourself enough after you have a few drinks.

We can’t stop eating everything that is harmful to our teeth. But we can definitely clean out teeth after eating them. So, floss and brush without fail.