12 Things Nobody Tells About Vaginal Birth

Each labor is as unique as the baby delivered. You would be well prepared for all the pain that you need to go through while pushing. But do have you any idea of what to expect from your delivery? Of course, you should go with the flow! Here’s a lowdown on things nobody told you about vaginal birth.

12 Things Nobody Tells About Vaginal Birth

1. If your water doesn’t break, your doctor is going to do it for you.


Like every movie, it is not going to be water balloon splattering on the concrete scene in real life. Your water may or may not break on its own. Sometimes, it’s a gush and other times, it’s only a trickle. If your water doesn’t break, chill, your doctor is going to do it for you. You are just gonna feel uncomfortable and it won’t hurt when he breaks the water for you.

2. You won’t deliver immediately after your water breaks.


Unlike the way you think, your water may break but it still could take many hours or even a day before you actually deliver the baby. Your contractions should start and the cervix should begin to dilate to bring your little baby into this world. But you can’t keep doing your work as usual after your water is broken and, more so, no sex. The amniotic sac is the protective layer for the baby and it is very easy to get an infection. You have to deliver after the water breaks or your labor will be induced.

3. Keep your positive mind at the highest possible frequency.


Contractions are sure gonna hurt! Unless you take those trippy epidurals that can just numb the lower part of your body, you will have to go through extreme pain. Your contractions might just start with those regular menstrual kinda cramps and get to a terrible level of pain before you even realize. But you need to keep your positive mind to the highest possible frequency. Control the pain with deep breathing and believe that you will make it happen easily.

4. You are probably going to pee and poop.


Not necessarily in that order! But when it’s time to start pushing the intense desire to pee and poop is very normal. That’s because your entire nether region is pressed by the descended baby into your uterus.

5. Dilation is just number.


The dilation happens eventually in some cases and other cases, it can go in a matter of minutes. Dilation is just an indication of how the baby is progressing. Although the dilated centimeters is thrown at you, the baby just doesn’t bother about the math.

6. It can become quite messy.


The scene in the delivery room can become quite messy (literally). Expect blood, mucus, pee, or even puke. This is how messy you should imagine in your head.

7. Contractions might be never ending.


Contractions can just keep going on and on. It can be never-ending. While you keep pushing, the contractions could still keep going on.

8. Delivery positions depend on each woman.

That lying on the back, spreading your legs in the air position is not the best way to deliver your baby. Downward facing dog position or even an upright position is the best position suggested by midwives for an easier exit. Although, it depends on each woman and her level of comfort.

9. Be ready for a vacuum-assisted baby.

Be prepared for your doctor to vacuum your baby out if you have preeclampsia or when the situation needs it. Your baby might have a temporary conehead.

10. If your baby is breech, you can deliver it normally too.

In most breach cases, the baby is delivered via C-section. But in some cases, you can deliver vaginally.

11. Expect the little snip from your doctor.

If your baby is not ready to come out without that little snip from your doctor in your vagina, who can help you? So, expect the snip. Close to 70% moms experience a tear or an episiotomy to deliver the baby.

12. You will wear diapers.

Oh yeah! Diapers are not only for your baby. You will be wearing adult diapers or mommy diapers. It is actually either a maxi pad or an adult diaper packed with ice to give you some relief post birth. If you bleed for more than six weeks after birth, you should probably stock a lot of those maxi pads.