5 Critical Things All New Moms Should Know

New mothers generally have a lot in their minds and on their hands. Being responsible for another life is a scary job to have. People often think that pregnancy give parents the time to prepare for the impending challenge. But nothing and no amount time can really prepare you for a lifetime of responsibilities. New mothers are always walking on eggshells while dealing with their new born babies. Everything can seem dangerous and every little rash can seem life threatening to new mothers. This is not a new thing. Every new mother goes through this. The stages of early motherhood of anxiety, panic, visit to a doctor, acceptance and relief are constant for all new mothers. When an issue arises a mother will always face a dilemma of whether to call a pediatrician or solve it by yourself using her theoretical knowledge. It is definitely alright to call a doctor if something seems out of ordinary. But there are a lot of things that all new mothers should know to avoid panic attacks and frantic phone calls to the doctors. A few of such things have been listed below.

1. The Right Time To Stop Breastfeeding

Mothers have always wondered about this question. Is there a right time to stop breastfeeding? Well, the answer is no. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no particular age for mothers to stop breastfeeding. Different babies stop drinking mother’s milk at different ages. But after a certain time, breastfeeding can be more of an act of providing comfort than nutrition. Toddlers who eat solid food generally get most of their nutrition from other sources than milk. The deciding factor for stopping with breastfeeding can depend if breastfeeding is hindering a child’s social development. If so, then stopping breastfeeding would be a good idea to avoid dependency issues later.

2. The Cost Of Diapers Are Irrelevant


A lot of mothers have this doubt and they often even worry about it. Makers of expensive diapers can make you believe that expensive diapers are better by using better advertisements. But the claims of expensive diapers being better than their cheaper counterparts are all a hoax. There is no scientific evidence to prove that expensive diapers are better for your babies. As long as a diaper is not causing any kind of rash, it is fine for use.

3. Don’t Lose It With Online Information


Googling every little thing that we face to find a medical explanation has become a norm with people these days. Information is a great power to have but knowing where that information is coming from is equally relevant in today’s world. Internet has become like a common area of information which is filled with relevant and correct information as well as with just as many incorrect information. But differentiating correct information from incorrect ones are not always easy. So, it is better not to believe everything we read online. Sometimes, our random google searches and their findings can unnecessarily give us sleepless nights and anxiety.

4. Pacifiers Are Always Bad


Pacifiers can be good for babies who have a habit of sucking all the time and require to be comforted. Pacifiers can give parents of such children a break. But parents need to be mindful about the timings. Avoid giving a pacifier to your child before his or her meals. Pacifiers might lower your child’s appetite and your child might end up missing out on a meal.

5. Avoid Sharing With Your Infant


Sometimes parents can share their utensils with their babies. This greatly increases the chances of passing on germs to your baby. So, parents need to be extra mindful about their habits of sharing and avoid such impulses as much as possible. Infection can spread in both directions. So, avoid sharing utensils with your child altogether.

Being a new mom can be a thrill ride, if only you can control your constant fears. So, enjoy this phase of your life with your little one and care just enough.