8 Things More Painful Than Childbirth

Childbirth isn’t exaggerated. Women do undergo excruciating pain through the long hours inside the delivery room. Ask those spouses who stood beside their wives during childbirth, and in return got their hands crushed and heard obscene words from them. However, there are other pains that can be compared to childbirth. People have even defined their intensity to be more than labor pains. What is fair is to ask a woman who has had an experience of labor as well as other agonizingly nasty pains.

Below are 8 painful experiences that can be compared with childbirth.


1. Migraine Headache


A migraine headache can start as a pulsating throb and become severe with time. They are unpredictable, but sometimes people can associate their occurrence with excessive stress, or lack of sleep. They can go on for days, and make the person nauseous and sensitive to light, sound or smell. Extreme headaches can halt your day, and make you moody.


2. Broken Bones


If you ask a woman what hurts more than labor, they would mention broken bones, especially the ankle bone. Broken ribs also top the list because of the nauseating pain people experience with every chest moment when they breathe. After that, the crutches only add to the arm pain in contrast to pregnancy, post which you can walk around normally once you are healed.


3. Kidney Stones


The deep, piercing pains of kidney stones have earned themselves the third place in this list. They can be pulsating or intermittent, and can persist for few days to about a month depending upon where the stone formed inside the urinary system. Women who had kidney stones even thought they were about to die of pain. Enough said.


4. Gallstones


Gallstones couldn’t be left far behind when we talk about stone pains. The pain associated with these stones can bother you even after taking pain relievers. They seem to find their way back with much vigor once the effect of medication wears down. Women who have birthed and experienced gallstones define them as horrible attacks of pain.


5. Root Canal


The toothache is caused due to damaged tissues or an infection in the tooth. A root canal treatment involves removing the affected tissue hence relieving you of the pain. The process is carried out under local anesthesia. Sometimes, after the pain relievers wear off, the terrible toothache that comes hitting back is unrelenting. The pain comes in waves and seems to travel from the side of the jaw to the head. Root canals can become a harrowing experience making it difficult to ingest, forget chewing the food.


6. Surgery


Some surgeries can be a more painful experience than giving vaginal birth – cesarean surgery being a part of the list. Again, it depends on whether it is major surgery or a minor one. Although they always begin with giving an anesthesia to the patient, the pain strikes when the effect wears off. Pain relievers keep you from squealing, otherwise even a sneeze or a little movement can send currents of pain through your body.


7. Bladder Infections


A painful bladder infection means the bacteria enjoying a good stay in your urinary tract. It’s annoying to feel the repeated need to go to the toilet knowing that the pain manifolds while urinating. It just feels like it’s everywhere – in the pelvis, abdomen and even in nether areas of the body.

8. Induced Labor


Induced labor doesn’t give your body a chance to build up for the pain as natural labor. The natural contractions have a periodic pace for the birth process unlike induced labor. In addition, any intervention in the natural labor adds to pain by restraining the movement and making the mother anxious.

Remember that there are pains more intense than childbirth. They don’t last weeks or months unlike other pains and are much more predictable than kidney stones. Be assured that you get through your contractions because some people have gone through horrible and equally painful experiences.