9 Things A Mom Shouldn’t Have Done In 2016

As the year comes to an end, it is time to examine your journey through the year. For a mother, parenting regret is the first thing to haunt her. There are no fixed rules and regulations for parenting. It is mostly learned on the job. As your motherhood progresses, you realize that a few things could have been done differently.

1. Losing  Your Temper


A mom should be armed with the virtue of patience when she deals with her kid. But, every time you failed to do that. Well, you are not alone. Losing patience in no time and for no reason is nothing new to moms. Most of the time, kids may not be the culprit. The stress and tensions of running a household take a toll on you and because of that you get angry at kids even for the smallest reason. As you enter the new year, make an effort to control your temper.

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2. Promoting Unhealthy


Moms know everything about healthy food habits. Still, you get tempted to treat your kids with their favorite fries, pizzas, and doughnuts. The horror stories about sugars and trans fat did not stop them. Hence, the coming year is the time for you to back off from these junk foods and unhealthy food habits.

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3. Not Doing School Projects


You never missed your office projects. But, kid’s school projects were not treated with the same importance. Some or the other excuses prompted you to delay the project. As a result, your child ended up not taking his school work seriously. Make their school projects a teamwork, so that they get time to learn with you.

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4. Telling Unnecessary Lies



You regret setting a bad example by telling lies. Harmless lies to escape a few situations will have a negative impact on kids. Since you do not want to breed a dishonest child, ensure that honesty is the best policy.

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5. Delaying Toilet Training


Potty training kids is one challenging task for all mothers. It is of course, a milestone for parents and kids. However, if you have not taken the initiative so far, it is possible that you feel really bad about it. Your emotional readiness plays a role in this. So, keep a positive attitude and go for it in the next year.

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6. Not Taking Them Outdoors


You did not get a chance to take your kids for outdoor activities due to the never ending household chores. Whether you like it or not, you restricted them to computers and iPads. The best

way to get it right is by indulging them in outdoor recreation in the upcoming year. Also, expose them to parks, museums and other cultural spaces.

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7. Fighting In Front Of Kids


This is the worst mistake – the kid witnessing arguments between you and husband. The memories of parents fighting will remain in a child’s mind forever. When parents keep on fighting, the collateral damage to kids can last a lifetime.

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8. Blaming Their Friends


It is an age-old habit of parents to blame the friends when the kid develops a bad habit. This will send a wrong message to them. Spend some time with the kid to explain those silly habits. Talk to the teachers to look into the matter. In addition to that, if you have ever compared your kid with the neighbor’s kid or

anyone, this new year you will stop it. It’s time to realize that every kid is unique.

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9. Not Giving Them Undivided Attention


Household chores, office responsibilities and of course, smartphones have prevented you from spending quality time with your kid. When they approached you with any of their problems, you might have given them half a ear. Active listening is a skill that parents should develop, as it improves the relationship with the child. This year, come back home on time after work. Talk and listen to your kid, keeping your smartphone away. And share household tasks, thereby developing a sense of responsibility in them.

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Motherhood is a challenging task and no one can claim to be perfect in that job. Mothers keep on learning from the mistakes. And what make them the best is their ability to accept the mistakes and never repeat them.