5 Things Men And Women Do Differently

Some things are quite distinguishable between men and women.

Men and women are completely different creatures, and the differences can sometimes make it seem like each is from a different planet. Certainly, there are biological differences between the two that distinguish them, but there are also other things that can make them distinct groups. This isn’t to say that one group is better than the other, it just means that they think and do things differently. If someone is able to find ‘the different’ that complements them very well, you’ve got yourself a great couple! Read on below to find out some of the most interesting ways differences manifest in men and women.

1. Interpreting Feelings

hey process emotions differently


Most of us already know that men and women look at and process feelings and emotions quite differently. When a women walks into a room full of people for example, she is able to take in the environment and pick up on verbal, visual and other kinds of cues about how people are feeling. Therefore, she will be able to understand which person doesn’t like whom, or who just had a fight, or what someone’s mood is when she is talking to them. Men, on the other hand, don’t give emotions that much importance, and if a man walks into a room full of people, he looks for the nearest exits and familiar faces while also trying to understand if anyone is a threat to him. Since emotions just aren’t an important factor for men, they don’t know that they have offended someone until they are told about it directly. Women expect men to pick up on subtle clues to understand them on the other hand, which can cause rifts and fights between the two.

2. Remembering Information

There is a difference in the things they remember


Men and women have different ways of categorizing and dealing with all types of information. For a woman, her head is full of metaphorical cupboards which she uses to retain as much information as she can about the people she meets. Therefore, she knows what day someone’s birthday is, or what food a person likes. This is unlike men though, who only remember information that they deem is important, such as what chores to do the next day, or filling up their vehicle with more gas because it is running low. Men aren’t much interested in remembering sentimental information when compared to women.

3. Coping With Problems

They sort out their problems differently


Women are much more hands-on when they have to deal with problems, especially emotional problems. They talk openly to people they care about, such as a friend or a mother, to sort out any issues, and can even go ahead and talk to a stranger if they are feeling too overwhelmed. They also write in journals or try to put up posts on social media in an effort to get more help to solve any problem; they like to externalize it rather than keep it inside. Men keep their problems internally and tend to push everyone away when dealing with something. They will watch TV or lose themselves in video games when they feel badly, and stay that way until they feel calm enough to sort out the problem. They don’t appreciate advice and suggestions and want to take care of everything themselves.

4. Hearing

Men and women have slightly different hearing capabilities


Men and women hear differently; women are much better at picking up on high frequency sounds while men are much better at knowing the direction from where a sound might be coming from. The female brain is in fact “programmed” to hear their child cry, while men can sleep through any sort of noise through the night. This means a woman can hear a kitten meow, while a man can figure out where the cry is coming from.

5. Seeing

Men and women have slightly different types of vision


Men have the ability to see what is in the distance clearly and directly, almost like they have tunnel vision. This could come from the need to find and hunt prey in the past and they needed to see what is directly in their vision. Women, on the other hand, have excellent peripheral vision, and this could be developed from the need to always keep a look out for danger and keep an eye on her children.