6 Things All Men Should Learn About Vaginas

Far too many men think of vaginas as mysterious objects and far too many women suffer because of this. Great sex can bring the two of you closer to each other and strengthen your bond. However, if you still have trouble mastering the language of vaginas, your partner might not be getting as much satisfaction from sex as you are. There’s really no excuse for not understanding how to please your partner. So if you want to navigate your partner’s vagina like a pro, here are six things you need to know.

1. Penetrative Sex Very Rarely Results In An Orgasm

Oral Sex Is More Effective For Orgasms

While women do enjoy vaginal sex, very few experience orgasms this way. If you partner has never orgasmed for penetrative sex alone, that’s really no reflection on your sexual prowess. Blame it on porn, but most men believe that their penis will automatically give a woman an orgasm. Sexual pleasure for women is a lot more complex than it is for men. Most of a woman’s nerve endings are concentrated in the clitoris and not in the vagina. This is why oral sex is a lot more effective than penetrative sex for a woman to achieve an orgasm.

2. Know The Anatomy Of A Vagina

The Vulva Is Made Up Of Many Sensitive Parts

Knowing what every part of a vagina does will help you know exactly how to stimulate it best. When most people talk about vaginas, they technically mean the vulva. The vagina is the inner canal, while the vulva is the complete female genitalia. The outer part of the vulva is the labia majora, at the tip of the vagina is a nub of flesh called the clitoris (very important that you locate it), extending from the clitoris are folds of skin called the labia minora, at the bottom of the vulva is the actual vagina and right above the vagina is the urethra. Once you locate each part of your partner’s genitalia, you’ll begin to learn which of these parts are particularly sensitive for them.

3. Always Find Your Way To The Clitoris

Locate The Clitoris And Use It To Pleasure Her

It’s almost embarrassing how many men have no clue where the clitoris is. The clitoris is a small, but extremely important part of your partner’s anatomy. It consists of 8,000 nerve endings and exists for the sole purpose of pleasuring a woman. The key to having a sexually satisfied partner is to know exactly how to use her clitoris to bring her the most pleasure. While the part of the clitoris most people focus on is just the tip, the clitoris itself extends to more parts, all of which are very sensitive. The clitoris has a fleshy body and ‘legs’ which extend downwards. While stimulating the clitoris, make sure you also stimulate these extended parts of it to give your partner a truly memorable orgasm.

4. Lubrication Isn’t Always Indicative Of Sexual Arousal

Lubrication Needs To Be Built Up

While lubrication generally follows arousal, this doesn’t always hold true. Depending on what day of her ovulation cycle it is, what meds she’s on, whether she’s taking birth control pills or just her age, natural lubrication might be affected. Most men believe that if their partner isn’t wet, she isn’t sexually aroused, but that’s simply not true. Lubrication also doesn’t happen instantly, it needs time. To make sure your partner is fully aroused, don’t skimp on foreplay. Sex isn’t just about penetration and believing that it could leave your partner high and dry (literally). Make sure you stimulate her body adequately instead of expecting her to automatically self-lubricate like it’s a tap she can just turn on.

5. Locate Her G-Spot

The G-Spot Can Be Very Powerful

The G-Spot is a very controversial subject among gynecologists, since some believe that it doesn’t even exist. However for most women, there’s an area in the vaginal canal which tends to be very sensitive. This area is usually called the G-spot and because it’s internal, it can be difficult to locate. To find your partner’s G-spot, insert your fingers into her vagina once it’s fully lubricated and push it in until you hit the cervix. Then curve your fingers in a ‘come-hither’ motion and stroke the upper walls. You’ll know it’s the G-spot because that area is ribbed, while the lower walls of the vagina are smooth.

6. Every Woman Is Different

Know What Your Partner Likes

If something worked for your previous partner, it might not be the same for your current one. Every woman has different sensitive spots and knowing where they are is the key to satisfying her. Through masturbation, most women already know what they like sexually, so make sure you ask her. There is no one-size-fits-all technique, it’s all about discovering your partner’s unique pleasure points.