5 Things Men Need To Know About Pregnant Women

Waiting for nine months to see your little baby is one of the most blessed moments in your life. But, those nine months can be a bit frustrating when you handle your pregnant partner. True? Blame it on hormonal changes during pregnancy. Sometimes you may feel that she has multiple-personality disorder – she is happy one moment and sad the very next moment. Dear partner, she is perfectly alright. The fault is at your end as you are ignorant about the tough period an expectant mom goes through. If you aim to be a loving and caring partner during her pregnancy, you better arm yourself with information about pregnant women. Here you go.

Her Cravings

You may have heard a lot about pregnancy cravings. But never expected it to be this real? Yes, pregnant women are known for their food cravings. Feeding her constantly is very important. No one is sure about the reason behind these cravings. The hormonal changes during pregnancy may be the culprit. But, cravings are for real. If you think, she is taking revenge on you by giving so many orders at weird times, you are wrong. Pregnancy and cravings go hand in hand. Well, be ready to go for a drive at any time to satisfy her night time cravings for ice creams.


Her Weight Gain

It is a universal fact that pregnant women gain weight. And it is another universal truth that they hate to hear it. Every day pregnant women realize about their ever increasing weight when they look at the mirror or when they try to fit into their clothes. So they don’t want another person to make it worse for them. Refrain from telling your girl about her weight gain. Even if you try to make her feel good with positive comments, all she hears is the word ‘fat.’ Always stay in the safe zone without mentioning anything about it.

Her Sexual Worries

She will be busy throwing up in the first trimester and getting adjusted to pregnancy. So you will get a hint how your sex life is going to be in the coming nine months. Most pregnant women dislike sex during pregnancy. However, some of them may show interest. Before you force her, try to understand what is there on her mind. If she shows no interest, respect that. Well, there are other things also that might hurt you. More than your hug, your girl may find comfort in hugging pillows while sleeping. Don’t feel disheartened. With a growing belly, she finds it hard to sleep. So, do everything that can give her a good night sleep. That includes getting her a full-body pillow.


Her Tiredness

Wondering why she is always tired? No, it is not her laziness. She is genuinely tired as she takes care of a new life that is growing inside her body. Sleepless nights, ever growing belly, hormonal changes, and other discomforts that come with pregnancy makes her tired all the time. Understand what she goes through as she nurtures your baby in her tummy. Her body does everything to accommodate your bundle of joy, which may give her aches and pain. Never complain about her tiredness. Instead give her a massage, a loving hug or whatever that makes her feel happy and excited.

Her Fears About Delivery

Yes, you are excited. But she is scared. Even though she does not express it often, so many things frightens her. She is scared of labor. She does not know whether she will be able to bear the pain. She is confused about using epidural. The thoughts of breastfeeding makes her weak. She is not confident enough of her ability to raise a child. And a lots more worries. This is the time for you to show that you are an excellent team player. Make her understand that both of you are in this together. This will equip her to share all her concerns with you.


Agreed that it is difficult for men to live a complaint-free nine months and to cope with the mood swings of their dear partners. Realize that nurturing a child inside the body is not an easy job. Things get tough at times. But, your right attitude is what makes everything easy, giving her happy, carefree pregnancy.