6 Things French Women Do To Stay Fit

French women know to stay fit while not compromising their pleasures

Does your love for all things French run deep? Well, you’re not alone! The phrase “je ne sais quoi” (an appealing quality that cannot be adequately described or expressed) holds very true for the French and you should aspire to replicate this quality. The fact that French women manage to look completely organized and impossibly effortless at the same time is commendable.

To tell you the truth, the secret is to maintain the right balance. French women do care about how they look, but they also know not to make a fuss about it. You’ll see them enjoying fresh baguettes, red wine, chocolates, and meat while still staying in shape at the same time.

From not depriving themselves to planning well-ahead, there are a few rules that French women follow to effortlessly hit their happy weight. Following these rules can help you stay in shape while still maintaining a healthy and wholesome diet.

Ways French Women Maintain Their Weight

1. French Women Don’t Deprive Themselves Of Anything

French women always focus on pleasure in foods

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Although French cuisine is popular for its meat-heavy influences, decadent desserts, and creamy sauces, it isn’t the food that people have all the time. You should know that fantastic wine, tasty cheese, and incredible food is a major part of French culture.

The locals just don’t seem to want to make any sacrifices in this regard and they don’t need to either. What French women do is they commit to having small servings or quantities that are still satisfying. They savor every bite of food or sip of wine and don’t feel the need to overdo it.

2. French Women Always Eat Real Food

The French never eat processed or low-fat foods

Ditch all those diet food products like low-fat or non-fat options that you stock up on every month. The French swear by having fresh, natural food as well as full-fat dairy products. Diet foods and packaged items contain preservatives and added sugars to enhance their

flavor. On the other hand, full-fat options and natural foods aren’t processed and usually contain less sugar.

In addition, natural foods tend to make you feel full and satisfied. Even your sugar levels stay stable, which means you won’t be reaching out for more junk food or an oversweetened drink to satisfy your cravings.

3. French Women Prioritize What’s Pleasurable

French women know how to prioritize pleasure

Have you ever wondered why French women exude sensuality even when doing something as simple as eating? It’s because they believe that healthy living means enjoying food that’s nourishing while allowing yourself the occasional indulgence. They never hold back on gorging on baguettes, chocolates, or even the popular crème brûlée. As mentioned earlier, the secret to indulging yourself and staying in shape is to find the right balance.

4. French Women Inculcate Good Habits Promptly

French women always have good eating habits


As you’re well aware by now, French women are adept at practicing moderation. This involves finding the right balance. To make things simpler, if you’re planning to drink a lot of wine in the evening, you’d do well to stay away from any fruits or fruit juices during the day.

Inculcating good habits as early as possible should be the norm. You’d find it really hard to know any French woman that doesn’t credit her mother as her ultimate beauty and wellness guide. This is because these women are taught a whole host of good things like taking care of the skin and body, learning to enjoy fresh, seasonal foods, eating in small portions, and drinking lots of water at a very young age. Inculcating such mindful habits early on can do you a world of good.

5. French Women Choose To Walk Everywhere

French women walk to all the places they need to reach

Walking to every place is a great way to physically

exert yourself while going where you need to. French women never underestimate the potential of a good stroll – the physical and mental health benefits that it brings along.

Learn to force yourself to walk a lot. If you need to go to a place that’s just a 20-minute drive, walking to your destination can be a great option. Obviously, your gym workouts and yoga sessions are beneficial, but walking a lot is just an effortless way to stay in shape.

6. French Women Make Eating An Enjoyable Affair

Eating is enjoyed by french women

You may be used to a fast food culture where you’re served quickly and you finish your meal even more quickly so you can get back to your routine at the earliest. On the contrary, French women aren’t this way. They believe that eating is a time when you feed the body, the mind, and the soul. Your breakfast, lunch, or dinner should be an opportunity for you to take

a good break where you socialize and truly enjoy your meal.

The French often take hours to eat – filling the time with lengthy conversations, debate, and much-valued time with friends and family. This way, you eliminate the chance of overeating or loading up on unhealthy comfort foods. Additionally, it is a non-negotiable ritual for French women to drink plenty of water at all times.