7 Things Everyone Thinks That Happen During A C-Section, But Don’t

There is no dearth of misinformation about c-sections. Even though rates of c-sections are on the rise in the United States, many people still circulate half-truths about it. It is true that a c-section may affect you physically and emotionally. But, it does not mean that it makes your life worse. The myths around c-sections have a major role in spreading wrong information about c-sections. Well, here are a few things that everyone thinks happen during a c-section, but don’t.

You Are Completely Unconscious

Completely numb from the chest to toes – this is everyone’s belief about a c-section. However, in a typical c-section, you are absolutely conscious. You are just numb from the waist down. The medication’s impact will be localized to your abdomen. So, you are very much aware what’s happening there. Worry not, you will never miss your baby’s arrival. You will know when your bundle of joy comes out.


You Don’t Experience Any Discomfort

“Lucky, you didn’t feel anything at all!” – moms who had c-sections might have heard this comment often. They think that absence of labor pain means that you will have an easy childbirth. Well, you need to educate them. Even though a c-section is safe, it comes with complications like any other surgery. Moreover, you go through some weird sensations during a c-section. Some say that they feel some tugging sensation. For others, it’s a feeling of huge pressure. Yes, it is not always a cakewalk.

You Will Get An Enormous Scar On Your Tummy

According to the myth believers, this is based on common sense. When you take a little baby from your tummy, you need to have a bigger incision and thus, a bigger scar. Relax, ladies. This is not true. Then, how big is a c-section scar? It is remarkably small. In most cases, the incision is low and traverse. A vertical incision is made in very rare cases. Once the incision heals, you may not even identify it easily.


Your Guts Will Be Taken Out

This is the most common fear among expectant moms. Even moms who had c-section tend to believe that doctors took their organs out of the body in order to get the baby out. Mothers think that the tugging sensation and the pressure they feel during a c-section are associated with it. However, this normally does not happen in a c-section.

You Can’t Enjoy Skin-To-Skin Contact With The Baby

Don’t worry mommies. It will happen. Nothing stops you from keeping the baby on your chest and enjoying those precious moments. It is true that you may not be comfortable after a c-section. The area around the scar might give you pain. But, if you can deal with the pain, go for skin-to-skin contact with your bay. You just need to find a position that is comfortable for both of you.


You Will Have A Bad Breastfeeding Experience

New mommies, breastfeeding is a challenge irrespective of the method of delivery. It will take a few days for you to become an expert in breastfeeding. Your c-section does not stand in between your breastfeeding ability and the baby. Well, because of the incision, you will have to find out a breastfeeding position that works for you and your baby. And breastfeeding initiation may get delayed in mothers who had a c-section. But, none of these will leave you with a horrifying memory of breastfeeding.

Your Elective C-Section Is Easy

C-sections are often performed when medical emergencies arise or whenever a vaginal delivery is not possible. However, sometimes c-sections are planned. But, the absence of medical complications does not make an elective c-section easier. It is still considered a major abdominal surgery. Like any other procedure, it comes with risks and should be done carefully.