5 Things Every Woman Can Do To Age Gracefully

We all grow older, and many of us worry about how we look, how we feel and what we will do with our time! Growing older is often considered to be an inevitable, slow decline. A very wrong notion indeed! With age, we have the added benefit of experience, wisdom, and perspective, which should add to a lot of positivity to our thought process and make aging a graceful and wonderful experience.

Simple life style changes and practices, dietary modifications, and an active routine can contribute a lot to aging gracefully.1


Ways Women Can Age Gracefully

1. Do Not Blame Genetics

It is a healthy lifestyle that matters and not genetics

We all think it’s all in our genes – whether we age sooner or not. Research shows that genes are only 25 percent responsible for visible signs of aging, such as premature gray hair and wrinkles. The real reasons are stress, environment, nutrition, lifestyle, and immunity which are well within our control. To prolong looking young, we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes weight, exercise, our habits and even monitoring our blood pressure and cholesterol.2


2. Always Stay Active

Stay active as much as you can

Studies have shown that serotonin, the brain neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite, sleep and blood pressure, decreases with age resulting in depression, anxiety, and many such issues. An effective way to boost levels of serotonin is exercise. This also reduces the effect of the stress hormone cortisol. A regular exercise schedule with walking, aerobics, yoga or even Zumba keeps you active, healthy and glowing too! Or you could even play your favorite sport. This will pump up your energy levels and keep your stress hormones under control.3


3. Keep Your Mind Active

An active mind translates to an active spirit

An active mind keeps the body active. Research shows that engaging in mentally stimulating games or activities on a regular basis can reduce age-related mental decline. Practicing mindfulness, meditation, mental exercises and other such activities keeps the mind active and stress at bay. This helps a lot in slowing down mental decline as we age. Writing, reading, blogging and solving puzzles are simple, easy to practice ways to keep us active.4


4. Get Adequate Amounts Of  Vitamin D

Get the right amounts of vitamin D everyday

We all need an adequate amount of Vitamin D to maintain and absorb calcium, regulate cell growth and maintain a healthy immune system. We can source Vit D from food, but a simple task like being out in the sun for as little as 20 minutes a day, gives us a significant chunk of our share. Try to spend as much time as you can in the sun. You could go on a walk, a drive or even play your favorite game in the sun for a short time and refill your body with its share of fresh air as well.5


5. Always Love Your Work

Always love what you do and have the positive energy

You need to focus on something you love to keep the positive thoughts running. It could be your hobby, your talent, or your career. When you love what you do, even the most difficult tasks seem simple. Stress is kept at bay, and feel good hormones are secreted in plenty. Getting older doesn’t mean staying stuck in your routines! Take the time to explore what excites you, what interests you and what keeps you going.6


A healthy diet, active mind and body, positive thoughts and a love towards life is all we need to age gracefully and prove that age is just in numbers!