9 Crazy Things Every Pregnant Woman Wishes Her Husband Knew!

Pregnancy signals change. Everything changes – your life and your priorities, and your body. And for some, pregnancy can lead to insecurities. Pregnant or not, irrational thoughts crop up. But it is hard for someone who is hormonal to put things in perspective. Rogue thoughts do pop up while you are challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There is no reason to feel ashamed to get these thoughts once in a while, especially if it is about your partner.


9 Crazy Thoughts

1. I’m Craving And I Need It NOW!

You pretty much know that if I crave for something every midnight, I need it right away do you get it? If not all three of us – you, me and the baby – are not going to sleep peacefully.

2. A Foot Massage Wouldn’t Hurt!

My ankles are sore at the end of the day and I’m gaining weight. Don’t you see my hormones wrecking havoc? When you sit right next to me and give that foot massage, you mean the world to me, my dear! That little massage also speaks about how much you care for me.


3. Could You Help?

Yeah, just have a look at me! I’m growing a human inside me and my bladder and lungs are working at top speed every hour. I cannot even bend over or lie down flat. Could you just help me while I can’t walk without peeing a little?

4. I Know I’m Big!

I’m pregnant and I see that I’m getting bigger. I know, every one of us is happy seeing the bigger belly size, but would you mind not reminding me about my growing body size? It hurts.


5. I’m Tired Honey, Not Lazy!

I’m sure you can see the hard work of growing a baby inside. I would rather do all the work under the sun and not just lay in bed watching TV. I hope you know that I’m just tired honey, not lazy!

6. Damn Forgetfulness!

Pregnancy brain works totally different. Studies prove that a woman’s brain can rewire during and after pregnancy. Gray matters in the brain actually shrink. This is the reason for my forgetfulness, and no not my lethargy! Please be a little patient with me.


7. Emotions Run Haywire!

I do think that you don’t love me. If you really did, you wouldn’t ask me to do the laundry! Do you even love me? If you did, you wouldn’t leave the damn toilet seat up every time you use. OMG, he just doesn’t care about me. Hormones, hormones, hormones, Damn! Emotions are for real.

8. I Love You!

Yes, of course, I’m not good at showing it right now. But you know that I love you! All the energy and attention might be on this beautiful little one growing inside me, but I love you. I love your patience, hard work, affection, empathy, and for your sympathy. I’m too emotional!


9. I’m Sorry And Thank You!

No, I’m serious. I’m really sorry for these ridiculous thoughts and Thank you for having the patience. All these unfair thoughts are completely UNFAIR. But do you know, I’m growing a baby inside and can’t wait for our little one to meet you. I appreciate you for being supportive, we can figure out things after I give birth. I know you will be a wonderful dad.

A pregnant woman goes through a lot! We have heard this enough and more but on a serious note, the testament of her love shows when she goes through so much to expand the family; the man reciprocates and goes through all her hormonal havoc with patience to bring in the bundle of joy.