9 Things Every Mom Thinks When In Labor

You might have attended the childbirth classes to know what to expect and how the labor would progress, but many a time, especially for the first-time moms, labor pain and childbirth turns toward an unexpected twist.

When the labor is intense and difficult, it can frighten you terribly. It will tear you down so much and there aren’t words to describe the pain so precisely. The thoughts that every mom get while she is in labor are not always spoken out aloud. But, we are sure, you will lose the filter in your mouth entirely and wouldn’t be in a state to even bother about who hears you out. Whether you use an epidural or not, labor hurts.


So worrying too much about your manners go out of the window wouldn’t help! It’s nothing new for your OB or midwife when you use the filthiest language in the delivery room. Pain makes you do unusual things. Once the delivery is over, just a courtesy ‘sorry’ would sort out things.

Many women have gotten surprised by their own behavior when using the language they had never thought of using, normally directed at their partner. Swearing can have a natural painkilling effect, more so when you normally don’t do it! So, everything is fair in pregnancy and labor (winks)!


Thoughts That Women In Labor Get

1. Get The Baby Out Now!

The minute you start pushing and your labor gets intense, the only thought that you could possibly get is ‘get the baby out’ ‘get the baby out’ NOW! This is pretty normal and all women have this but rarely say it aloud.

2. Am I Dying?

When a laboring mom goes through extreme pain and feels fatigued when the labor doesn’t progress, just one thought crosses the mind – Am I Dying? It is living through agony and no way could a person go through such trauma and live to speak about it.


3. Nothing Seems Right!

Oh, my dear lord! This pain is just unbearable and it HURTS! You wouldn’t probably remember the childbirth classes or other women speaking about labor hurting so much. Nothing seems to be right at all.

4. Have I Pooped? No Way, Did I Just Do It?

The severe pushing and amount of pressure during labor feels it is the largest ever bowel movement you had in life. So the thought – ‘OMG, have I pooped or did I just do it’ – shouldn’t bother you much. But you would still be thinking about it and curse all the people who have not told you about it earlier.


5. I Don’t Want A Baby, No God No!

As if the long nine months of pregnancy were not enough for you to change the mind of having a baby. The pain during labor will do it for sure. Good lord, someone please do something about it, I don’t want a baby now, I changed my mind is all that you could think.

6. Throw Me Into The Drugs Chamber!

Whether you opted for epidural or not doesn’t matter. If you are asking for every small painkiller to soothe your pain or just want somebody to throw into the whole drugs chamber, remember that you aren’t alone.


7. I Quit, Yes!

Why haven’t any classes that I went or any books teach me about labor pain precisely? Isn’t ‘pushing’ supposed to be natural? Why can’t I figure it out? Yes, I quit. I’m OK to stay pregnant forever.

8. I Wouldn’t Mind A C-Section

Look what the pain can do to a mom in labor. You would want the doctor to cut the baby out and yes, you wouldn’t mind turning the normal vaginal delivery into a C-section.


9. Yes, I’m A Mom Now!

Finally, it’s all over. After all the curses, screams, shouts, tears, and endurance of pain – ‘Good God, I’m a mom now’! I have a tiny, wrinkly little one in my hand, look what I have created.

From the moment you know that you’re pregnant, go easy on your worries. Don’t freak out on how will you look or what would you say in the delivery room on the D-day. Of course, we are all humans and we tend to worry silly in late pregnancy and during labor. Just wish to have a happy pregnancy and an easy labor!